CWO Charles Hubbard

Tactical Officer and Friend

Story By Thomas Vanderford('83)

I will be glad to tell you about CWO Charles Hubbard. He was a TAC officer. He was a strict, but very caring man. He helped me cope with my Mother's brutal murder. He helped me cope with my fathers grim medical prognosis. He was a father, a big brother, he was your best friend. CWO Hubbard saved my life.

He was a very caring man. He helped me get over my homesickness, he monitored my progress. He rode my tail sometimes. He was a man you could confide in. He left during the 81-82 school year. His health was failing, and he just left. No one will ever know how many young men he helped straighten out. Anyone who knew him would agree that he was indeed an officer and a gentleman. I'm almost positive he died shortly thereafter. His memory will live on in the hearts of many a former Ranger.

Mr. Hubbard, you will be sorely missed. Thank you for everything.

Tom Vanderford

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