Doc Cawley Retires - Nov. 2000

Doc Cawley with Cadet
Doc Sam Cawley
with Cadet William J. Barber '78
(From a school catalog)

November 2, 2000
To: J. C. Sizemore

It is my understanding that "Doc" Cawley will be leaving the school soon. We need to recognize the influence and leadership he has had on the cadets that have passed through his life during their stay at Lyman Ward. I have never had the honor of meeting this individual, but the kindness and respect that either follow or preludes his name in conversation with cadets and faculty that have worked with him speak only with the utmost respect.

I would like to congratulate him on this accomplishment in saying, "That people have only nice things to say." That has not always been the case for most of us that darken the halls of Tallapoosa Hall.

As President of the Alumni Association this year we want to thank him for his dedication, loyalness, and sleepless nights, primarily with a type of unspoken love for a Cadet needing security, stricken with sickness or just a good friend to share words with. Doc is the type man that made many of us take a new approach on life. J.C. make sure he gets a Alumni application from Dorothy. We need him to help lead our efforts in re-organizing and growing with our organization.

Tim Parker '70

From: J. C. Sizemore (SIZEMORE76)
Nov-7 10:02 am

Doc's retirement dinner was very nice. There was not as large a turnout as one would expect, but he was very grateful and appreciative. After the presentations, it turned into old home week and some stories were told that would make a preacher blush! MG Hennies presented several gifts from the school and current athletic team as well as a decree that the school medical facilities would be named in Doc's honor. There was a letter read from Dr. Heard, who was unable to attend, which was very moving and heartfelt. I read Tim Parker's letter and presented a plaque from the Alumni Association for a quarter century of loyal and dedicated medical and athletic services for the faculty, staff and cadets of LWMA. The Alumni Association also gave him a gift certificate from Dillard's and made a small donation to the endowment fund in Doc's name. As I sat there, I realized that even though I am not as closely associated with the school as I have been in the past, there were only 6 of us in the room with ties to LWMA for 25 years or longer. Needless to say, 4 of us (Dorothy and Earl were the only ones to escape unscathed) heard some stories we would probably rather forget. Doc will have knee replacement surgery tomorrow and I speak for all of us as we wish him a speedy recovery. I know Doc will continue to make contributions of whatever type he can to the school and Alumni Association. As he himself put it "The heart's still there, but the body ain't what it used to be." When asked if he would continue posting tales on the Alumni Story board, he said he was trying but Brian had to censor some because they were a little to raw. As a footnote, to Paul's suggestion of making donations to the Alumni Association in memory of Betty Heard, I gave mine to Dorothy that night. I also need to mention that as I understand it, Dr. Heard will no longer be the school physician. This is understandable considering his personal loss. Dr. Heard worked closely with Doc to insure the health and well being of everyone at the school. We would be sorely amiss if we did not recognize him for his contributions.

See you all in the spring, Sizemore('76)

From the Guest Book (Dreambook)

Name: Sam "Doc" Cawley
E-mail address:

Comments: Hello to all.
I have retired after over a quarter of a century at LWMA.
Let me hear from some of you.

Tuesday November 7th 2000 09:10:48

Doc Cawley
Doc Sam Cawley - May, 2000
(Before his retirement in November of 2000)

Note: Doc's e-mail address is still good in 2001.

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