Ed Guerra, Senior Master Sergeant, USAF RET

(In his own words):

"At LWMA, I was an Army Master Sergeant, and an Army Captain. I was the Assistant Commandant of Cadets under LTC Moreman and Col Jenrette and for 1 year under Col. Windle. I was also the Tactical Officer for Charlie Company in 1984, Foxtrot Company 1985 - 1988, Delta & Echo 1989, Delta 1990 and Foxtrot again 1991- 1996. Supply Officer 1996 - 1999. I was promoted to Captain in 1991. I taught Sword drill along with Col Jenrette since the beginning and have been the announcer since 1988. I was acting commandant when Col Jenrette was in the hospital for 4 Months and again after Col Jenrette retired until Col. Windle took over."

CPT Guerra

Captain Ed Guerra displays the Alumni Golf Shirt
in the supply room - 5/1/1999.

E-mail Address: edwardguerra@bellsouth.net

Captain Guerra retired from LWMA in October of 1999.

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