News from El Salvador

by Oscar R. Aparicio M. '86
in San Salvador, El Salvador
(A note to Brian Brunner '64)


It has been a long time since last time I was at LWMA. Here in San Salvador, there are approximately 45 former students from LWMA. Some of us get together almost twice a week since we are part of the Rotarian movement here in El Salvador. Among them I can mention Jose Alas('84), Elias Avendaņo('84), Ricardo Padilla('82),and many others. We get together very often, and once a year, or every two years, we have a big get together where about 90% of the alumni members show up, and we share memories about the old days, and of course we have a good time.

Former LWMA cadets have done well in their lives here, and perhaps that is the reason why our friendship has lasted for so many years. Not to mention the great experience we lived during our school years in the USA.

Please keep in touch, and if there is anything I can do for you around here, whether is to keep you updated about our events, or anything related to LWMA, do not hesitate to write to me. I will be glad to assist you.

Oscar R. Aparicio M. '86
San Salvador, El Salvador

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