Faculty Report In!

Teachers Diploma

Faculty past and present, please sign in. They shaped us for the future. They were the guidance and discipline that we needed. Hopefully, we have lived up to the standards that they set for us.
Please e-mail me and give me your personal permission to add you to the following list. I do not add anyone without direct contact.
Phillip Potts '63
Then Sign in here and on the message board.

bullet Joe Watson ('80 - '07)  MAJ Joe Watson ,1980-2009, Band Director, Assistant to the President. - joe.watson@lwma.org, Camp Hill, Ala

bullet Doc Sam Cawley ('75-2000) Medical Officer and Coach - sam.cawley@lwma.net

bullet Greg Campbell ('68 - 72) mathematics teacher(68-70) and math teacher/counselor(70-72) - gregnogg@yahoo.com

bullet MSgt then CPT Edward R. Guerra ('84-'99) Tactical Officer, Assistant Commandant of Cadets, Acting Commandant of Cadets, Supply Officer, Parade Announcer. - edwardguerra@bellsouth.net   Info

bullet Jack Hankins ('76 - '78) - coachhankins@yahoo.com

bullet COL Albert Hovey ('66-present) Science Teacher, Academic Dean, Vice President, President, Special Assistant to the President. - ahovey@lwma.org

bullet Joseph C.(Carl) Kelly ('74 - '84) Teacher... junior school history and math, choir director, and travel person for the holidays and summer. - duncan55@charter.net or ckelly@tallapoosak12.org

bullet MAJ Charles Livings ('91-present) Teacher, Admissions Officer, Assistant to the President - clivings@lwma.net

bullet CSM Alfred R. Moelter USA RET ('85-'86) Tactical Officer - ARMoelter@aol.com ,  Info,  Vinemont, Alabama

bullet Dee Orem ('73-present)  Teacher - dee.orem@lwma.org

bullet Paula Shivers Orem ('85 - '91)  Librarian - paulaorem1@msn.com

bullet James "J. C." Sizemore (LWMA Class of 1976) (Teacher '80 -'82 and '85 - '87) Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Phyical Science, Football & Basketball Coach  - telloconstructors@earthlink.com  Info,   Columbus, Georgia

bullet John Strunk ('67 - '74)  Teacher - strunkjt2@hotmail.com, Harriman, TN

bullet Paul Tate ('65 - '83)  English Teacher - paultate15@gmail.com Info,  Greenville, Alabama

bullet Dr. John R. Mize ('70 - '72)   / Science Teacher - wisemize@cableone.net or wisemize@Mac.com , Oxford, Ala

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