Friends and Familystar


Special People

Diana Howell Hunter
Daughter of Major Eli H. Howell - 3rd President
Frank and Janice Wiggins
Frank Wiggins is the stepson of Major Eli H. Howell and Janice Betts Wiggins is T. Wayne Betts' sister.
Capt. T. Wayne Betts was a teacher at LWMA during the 1960's ans 1970's.
Janice has done some proofreading for this site and has been keeping Capt. Betts updated on changes here.

Jerri Beck
Author of "Their Country's Pride - The Centennial History of Lyman Ward Military Academy"

Robert Simmons
Webmaster "The Official LWMA Home Page" Great!

Earl Langley - CHHS Class of 1964
Earl has been helping us out with questions about Camp Hill, SII, LWMA and Camp HIll High School since 1998. His mother worked for Dr. Lyman Ward and went to SII too.
Earl is also the founder of - The Yahoo Camp Hill High School Club -

Billy H. Eaton - CHHS Class of 1960
Webmaster at his - Camp Hill High School site -
Our new Camp Hill High School friend - August 1999.
His site has lots of pictures of Camp Hill and he has given us images for this site.

Steven Shipp
Brian Brunner's (Class of 1964) nephew and proofreading consultant.
NOTE: This Steven Shipp did not attend LWMA and is not related to the Steve Shipp('70) who attended LWMA in the late 1960's and 1970.

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