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U.S. Wings Gold Site Award

Award from:   US Wings Incorporated  - 08/14/1999

Criteria for receiving the US Wings Gold Site Award:

To qualify, your site must:

Provide high-quality informational content
Be aesthetically pleasing and make excellent use of graphics
Be maintained and updated regularly
Contain special features
Be a family-oriented site, suitable for all ages

These are some of the nice things some of the SII / LWMA family have said about this site. We would rather have these comments than any other kind of award.

Note from Brian Brunner('64): Although a great deal of these notes were addressed to me, I must remind the reader that Phillip Potts('63) is the Webmaster here and without his work there would be no LWMA Alumni website at ALL!

- Mon, Mar 2, 1998 2:43 PM
To: Brian Brunner('64)

Both of your stories on the LWMA alumni page are excellent, and what a wonderful forum that is for alumni. I supposed that there are more stories about the ghost(s) in Tallapoosa Hall than anything else... As you know, during your time at LWMA and much of the time I spent there, Tallapoosa Hall was never locked (only classrooms and offices), so many new cadets would go with an older cadet on ghost hunts in the space of time between the close of study hall (in the dorms) and taps.

Thanks again to you, Brian, and to Phil for making these things available. Thanks for sharing your stories.

- Wed, Apr 1, 1998 4:10 PM
To: Brian Brunner('64)

Paul Strobel's stories and his ability to capture the spirit of SII are incredibly good. And I have told him so.

- 12/29/98 7:46 pm (Message Board)
To: (Locke72) - Jim Locke('72)

Phil Potts does such a great job, with Brian's assistance, of course, in maintaining it. We are indebted to Phil and Brian.

- Jan-22 1999 3:11 pm (Message Board)
To: Phil Potts('63)

... And you are absolutely right ! We are indeed indebted to Phil Potts. So many of my former students in side messages not posted on the board marvel at all that is happening with this site. Thanks again, Phil.

Yes, Brian, the collaboration on this project alone (both the story and the site) is one simple example of how much we treasure the LWMA or SII experience that each of us has had and how our commonality in place unites us as family.

- Mar 14 1999 9:56 am (Message Board)
TO:Gerald Blackwell (GBLACKWELL)

To Gerald -- In the characteristically good form and style of cartooning with which you spent much time doing when you were a student, your image of the Green Phantom is excellent. Thank you!

From: Paul Tate (LWMA faculty 1965 -1983)

- 3/25/98 9:23 pm (Message Board)
To Phillip Potts('63)

Thanks again for your service in alumni communication. Providing this message board is great and I certainly appreciate you for it!

From: Bill Roughton('72)

- Wed, Apr 8, 1998 7:28 PM
To: Phillip Potts('63)

PS - and who ever did it, I can personally appreciate the time and effort it took to develop the Building and Landmarks section.

From: Paul S. Strobel('43)

- Sun, Jun 14, 1998 5:25 AM
To: Brian Brunner('64)

Hi Brian! Finally got to the LWMA page on delphi. It is great. ...
Had a great time at the reunion and am so glad I got to go.

- Tue, Nov 17, 1998 5:23 PM

Anyway, it is so good to read all the stories and messages.

From: Diana Howell Hunter - Daughter of Major Eli Howell - the third president of SII / LWMA.

11/5/98 1:18 pm (Message Board)
To: Phillip Potts(63)

I have found many friends from my LWMA days via the alumni site, ...

From: Thomas Vanderford('83)

3/20/99 7:33 pm (Message Board)
To: All

Hello, This LWMA website is fantastic. I graduated from LWMA back in 1986, and after I left LWMA i moved to Florida where I attended Florida State University, and received my bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering in 1993. Then I moved back to El Salvador where I work in my own construction firm. Here in El Salvador we have our own LWMA alumni chapter which is made up of almost 35 former LWMA cadets ,and we always get together and talk about the good old times!!. Anyone who graduated in 1986, or anyone who remembers me, is welcome to write me back. It will be an honor to hear from my old friends. My e-mail address is (NOT PUBLISHED HERE), and I will be expecting to hear from you sometime. Bye.

Oscar Aparicio('85)

Mar-28 1999 9:05 pm
To: Phillip Potts(63) (PHILLP)

It is great to know that we all can keep in touch with this website. Sometimes I wonder, what would have happened if INTERNET had existed when I was at LWMA?, all I can tell you is that my parents would have saved a lot of money on phone bills!!! I got an e-mail from Mayor Paul Tate, to whom I will write back soon. My regards to John Strunk who wrote me also. Keep in touch.

Oscar Aparicio('85)

- Sat, Jun 5, 1999 9:25 PM
To: Brian Brunner('64)

I was the first female cadet at LWMA in 1976, Faye Brown... I am so pleased to find this wonderful site and locate long lost friends...

... I have certainly enjoyed the Lyman Ward site and reading the stories others have wrote. I will continue to visit it often.

- Mon, Jun 7, 1999 1:47 PM

I must admit I have had too much fun since finding this site,...

- Tue, Jun 8, 1999 9:18 PM

I can't believe there are many people that have enjoyed this site as much as I have. I have gotten so many laughs over the stunts that were pulled at Lyman Ward and it is wonderful hearing from so many of my old friends...
... Thank you so much for giving me the chance to remember. I may not post much to the message board but I will go often to read and I do want to stay in touch with and through you. I am really looking forward to May and will be there... I want to meet the faces behind this wonderful site.

- Wed, Jun 9, 1999 9:52 PM
To: Brian Brunner('64)

After reading your story about LWMA being "your last chance" I thought about the many I knew that felt the same way. Lyman Ward gave many boys back their lives and a chance for a wonderful future. It made men out of boys.

From: Faye Brown Nocerino('79)

Sun, Jul 18, 1999 8:42 PM
To: Brian Brunner('64)
Subject: I'm glad you have a life.

Glad to run into LWMA. Don't know why I checked? I guess it was simply idle net time after a search on eBay for LWMA stuff. I appreciate what you have done. I took up writing several years ago -- and wrote and wrote and wrote. One day I stopped and have not done any since. So each individual letter you enter on that plastic board in front of you is especially appreciated.

As for getting a life -- some folks think that if you are not just like them then your wrong. So thanks for not "being wrong" and for doing what you enjoy.

Cliff "Fatback" Leonard '64

Sep-4 1999 4:25 pm
To: Brian Brunner(64) (BVBRUNNER)

Glad you enjoyed the story..I just hope John remembers it,getting up there in age and all!! Hah ! 200 more stories ?????? wow !!!! Let me know , IF , you get caught up.....I've got a few more .....

Nelson Norris('74)

P.S. This is a really cool site for alumni,I wish I would have found you guys sooner and that more of the alumni were involved !!!!! You and Phillip, all I can say, excellent..excellent..excellent.........!!!!! Let me know if there is any way I can help ?? I'd like to volunteer Paul Tate as Mr. Spell-check....HA HA...I just couldn't resist , Paul..... NN

From the Camp Hill High School Club on YAHOO!:
From: Hammerheadabw(Janice Betts Wiggins) (T. Wayne Betts' sister.) (Captain T. Wayne Betts was a teacher at LWMA in the 1960's and 1970's.)
Opelika, Alabama
09/08/1999 10:24 pm EDT

Hi Brian, see you are still going strong on your news letters. T. Wayne (Betts) said to tell you hello and I sent him some good stuff (from your site). Will copy more for him later. ... Thanks for passing my e-mail along to Phil also, Wayne was thrilled that I was in touch with ya'll. See ya in cyber space.

Janice Betts Wiggins

From the Camp Hill High School Club on YAHOO!:
From: Hammerheadabw (Janice Betts Wiggins) (Capt. T. Wayne Betts' sister.)
Opelika, Alabama
09/09/1999 09:19 am EDT

... you'd be surprised who all remember T-Bo. Have you gone to the LWMA link yet? If not go to links and it's the forth one down by bvbrunner....it's a great (in) site. There are a couple of stories on T-Bo. Thanks. ...

!!!Check out that site. Janice.

To: Brian Brunner
Date:Thu, Oct 14, 1999 10:43 AM

I enjoy going into the website and seeing what's new.

Barbara Taylor(CHHS '52)

Subject: Re: LWMA Stories
Creation Date: Mon, Oct 18, 1999 2:46 PM
From: Janice Betts Wiggins (Capt. T. Wayne Betts' sister)
Opelika, Alabama

It is me one more time... I received the new sites you sent me...and of course jumped right on them..

They are so sincere and yet funny as well and very enjoyable ...I am so drawn to them even though I do not know most of the things and people I am reading about. Had it not been for Wayne teaching there I probably would not have ever heard of LWMA or of Camp Hill even...except in passing by...and even then you had to be on your toes and look fast.

I remember Paul Tate.....as you know my sister- in-law (Ann Betts) was in several of his plays.. which is also something else I never thought would be of "any" interest to me..but I could not stay away when she was participating in one. Paul did a wonderful job there. Got me hooked !! (smile)

From the geust book:
Friday December 24th 1999 12:53:14
Name: Paul Tate

Comments: Great suggestion to have a guest sign-in space. "Dreambook" may be somewhat ... somewhat! But the suggeston and the accomplishment are nice accompaniments -- but then, everything that Philip and Brian do is top-notch, especially their continued love and devotion for Lyman Ward.

... I will look forward to all that all of you do in the future.

From the geust book:
Sunday January 9th 2000 04:34:20
Name: CHARLEY H SIMS ('63)


From the geust book:
Wednesday April 12th 2000 07:08:31
Name: Tim Allen ('79)

Comments: It is great to have a page where you can catch up on the old homestead. I have been unable to keep up with the school over the years but now that I found the website, it will be easier.

Subject: Field Phone Story
Creation Date: Thu, Apr 13, 2000 3:23 PM
From: Janice Wiggins
To: Brian Brunner

I have no clue if I wrote back to you or not yesterday about the Field Phone story by Lewis Harrison ('63)...
If not .....I thought it was super good....tells me a little more about "all" of yall......You really were "hoots" for sure...and everyone that sends in a story via you proves it even more...:)))))

Subject: Annual Reunion
Date: Thu, Apr 20, 2000 4:07 PM
From: E J Ostberg ('61)
To: Brian Brunner ('64) and Phillip Potts ('63)

I just finished printing the stories from our era, 1958-1964.
My wife and I both set down and cried from all those memories and the close friendships that were developed.

I would like to send these stories to those alumni that I have email addresses for. Those who don't attend (the annual meeting and reunion) after reading the stories don't need to come.
We need to add (more of) those stories, especially: "The Reason I Attended LWMA".

This is the best selling tool we have.

Thanks. ...

Subject: Good ol' Days
Date: 5/23/00 3:29PM
From: Alice McLeod (CHHS '64)
To: Brian Brunner

I just sent Phillip (Potts) a message because I want you both to know how very much I appreciate your work on the LWMA website. I had such a great time last week looking through the lists of graduates and looking at the photos.....everything.

From the guest book
Name: J. C. Sizemore '76
Friday June 30th 2000 11:24:36

Comments: Everything I have seen on the net regarding LWMA is great.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all SII and LWMA Alumni to make plans to attend the Annual Alumni meeting and Social on May 5th, 2001. Please set aside that weekend and attend all associated events.

From the guest book
Name: Gary (Rosie) Rosentrater
Wednesday August 9th 2000 08:20:02

Comments: Class of 72. It is great to find the site and congrats to all of you that took part in getting it together. LWMA was the best four years of my youth. Even though I am still working off all of the d-merits that I got my senior year. Also nice to see things are finally changing. Does anyone know if they ever washed my initials off of the cannon. Did anyone ever let Ratliff out of the laundry bag from the top of the flag pole? Thanks for the page and would like to hear from some of you fellers!!! GO RANGERS!!


From Doc Sam Cawley
To Brian Brunner and Phillip Potts
Nov 2000

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to read the stories and get in touch with some of the old cadets. You all have done a great job. LWMA has been not only my job for over a quarter of a century but it has been my home and almost my whole life...

Thanks and I'll stay in touch.

Note: Doc's e-mail address scawley@webshoppe.net is still good in 2001.

Name:Robin Mitzelos

Comments: I find the description of the campus and activitites very interesting and would like to learn more.

Sunday November 26th 2000 06:43:03

Name: Ernestine L. Farmer

Comments: I enjoyed reading the stories about the past. Keep up the good work, I will be back.

Tuesday November 28th 2000 09:35:35

From: Lewis Harrison '63
To: Derron Owens '61
Date: 03/09/2001



One of the wonderful things about being able to write stories and put them on the site is that they are the way you member them. A lot of that has nothing to do with the way things really were. A wonderful example of that is when Brian wrote "Let's Scare Lewis Harrison." They are all an interpretation of our memories. And there has been times in my life that my memories were all I had. The light in the latrine on the second floor, the rope in the tower and everything else that moved and went bump in the night in Tallaposa Hall, probably had nothing to do with Ghosts, but are they not wonderful. I lived at the school for 6 years and have forgotten the bad and hard times and remember only the good things.

The way I remember the boats is that Alex was the only one, but look at all the afternoons, evenings, Saturdays and Sundays that we all spent building them. Those were the good times and what would we give to go back to that time again??

I am looking forward to seeing and reading your story about Alex's boat. It is fun to see how others looked at the same thing. Lots of Cadets thought it was terrible that I had no parents and had to work to stay at LWMA, but they were the good times for me.

From: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)
Date: Mar-29-2001 8:17 pm
To: Brian V. Brunner 1964 (BVBRUNNER)

Lewis' and Derron's stories are great. I really enjoyed reading about the LWMA Navy. In effect, the boat(s)and how they are built are the best examples of "nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon" ingenuity that I know of -- so typical of the creativity of all LWMA cadets. Thanks Lewis and Derron for sharing them.

The large room with private bath with the window over the kitchen which was used to launch the Brasso Bomb became my on-campus room when I returned to Lyman Ward to teach in 1968. To keep out the cold north wind, I nailed old LWMA blue blankets over that window and the bathroom window. I was told that the attic of that building was(is) insulated with sawdust from the old saw mill that once produced chicken coops and barrel staves. I never investigated, but I do know that after especially windy days and nights, a fine "mist" of sawdust would cover everything. Does anyone have the truth of this matter? I know this is true: that was a cold, cold building in the winter.

From: Tamar Reed
Date: 7/3/01 1:49PM
To: Brian Brunner

I read your story... (about George Washington in Tallapoosa Hall) it was great! As I said, I have been in T-hall at night, by myself, closing up the building after a function.... it is one scary place when the lights are out.

From: Charlie Sims '64
Date: 6/30/02
To: Brian Brunner

The web site is great... . I go to the LWMA alumni site and enjoy the good work that is put in to the web site. I went back to the school reunion one time that was when the first one started (1988).

From: Linda Capps Drummond (Sister of Richard D. Capps '71)
Date: 7/24/02 11:38AM
To: Brian Brunner

Your high regard for LWMA and your enthusiasm for this website are contagious.

Date: 7/31/02 9:01AM

I am sending family and friends to the lwalumni site, and it makes me happy to be able to do that.

From: Lewis D. Harrison '63
Date 8/21/02 9:41AM
To: Brian Brunner

Revisited the "Fire in the Woods". Like it. I really enjoy the site. It has become a memorial to times past when we were younger and a lot more foolish.

From: Bill Thomason
To: Phillip Potts (Phillip Potts '63)
Sent: Wednesday, June 26, 2002 5:11 PM
Subject: Another tidbit on War-Daddy

Phil and Brian,

First of all, let me thank you for coordinating the wonderful compilation of history on LWMA! I've just spent the last three hours at my office reading all the memories (instead of doing corporate tax returns, by the way!) and it was truly a stroll down memory lane.

Bill Thomason '69

William R. Thomason, CPA
230 Hughes Road Ste D
Madison, AL USA 35758

From:"Anonymous" at LWMA
Creation Date: 8/8/02 12:50P
To: Brian Brunner '64
Subject: Questions

Second, I have been reading the stories on the alumni website when I have the chance and I am just dying to know how much of them are true, especially the ones about the "ghost" and "seven-toes". Did "seven-toes" actually hand himself in the rafters of Tallapoosa Hall? It would be interesting to know how much is fact and how much is fable.

Date 12/11/2002
Name: Mostapha Howaidy '95
Comments: Well, I just wanna pay respect to all the people behind this site. you are doing an awesome job thanks a mill.

Subject: J. Kirkland website
Creation Date: 4/23/03 10:32PM
From: Cortney Kirkland

Dear Mr. Brunner,

I just found your website about J Brackin Kirkland. That is my great-grandfather, and I was pleased to read that your information was complete and accurate (as far as I know). I was just back in Ellisville, Mississippi last weekend visiting some relatives.

My brother, Joseph Brackin Kirkland IV looks strangely similar to the photo on your website. He is 21 years old and intends to carry on the family name to the next generation.

It's always interesting to find personal connections on the web, so thanks for making my day.

Cortney Kirkland

E-mail soon.
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