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The Sentinel*
September, 1976

Four Females Enroll At LWMA

With the opening of the 1976-77 school year, a new dimension was added at LWMA when four female students enrolled as day students. Already they have become an integral part of school life as one joined the band, two joined the senior drill team, one the junior drill team, three the newspaper staff, and all four have joined the pep club.

Old cadets probably find it a bit unusual to suddenly find themselves seated next to a girl when they have, for the past years, been accustomed to an all-male classroom environment. Too, they may find it quite strange to have female students drilling and marching with them.

However, according to Capt. Linda Wynn, Supervisor of Women's Activities, "The enrolling of girls at Lyman Ward is not only a step in keeping up with the national service academies, but also is a step in providing interested and deserving girls an opportunity to participate on ROTC activities and the many activities LWMA offers In addition it offers a very pleasant, new look on campus."

The four new female students are, Faye Brown, 9th grade, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Brown; Tracey Cawley, 9th grade, daughter of Capt. and Mrs. Sam Cawley, (Medical Officer, LWMA); Bonita Keel, 6th grade, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Keel; and Sherry Schiessl, 9th grade, daughter of Major and Mrs. Al Schiessl, (Senior Army Instructor, LWMA). All four are residents of Camp Hill.

Uniform Photo
(L-R) Faye Brown, Sherry Schiessl, Tracy Cawley,
and Bonita Keel
Photo from Mrs. Dorothy Moore('54)
in the Tallpoosa Hall Alumni Office.

Group Photo
Top Row (Back):(L-R) Melanie Jarrell, Bonita Keel,
Buddy Tucker, Bill Lara, and Tracey Cawley.
Bottom Row (Front):(L-R) Sherry Schiessl (standing),
Faye Brown, Tim Allen (standing), Bill McGennis,
Scott Zylstra, and Wendy Warner (standing)
Photo from the 1978 Ranger Yearbook.

Wendy Warner and Colin Adendorff
Wendy Warner ('78) and Colin Adendorff ('78)
Photo from the 1978 Ranger yearbook.

Girls at LWMA
Wanda Williams(left) and
Melanie Jarrell(Right)**
(Photo date - 1980-81?)

We know this program only ran from the 1976-77 through the 1981-82 school years.

Updated list as of 6/24/2001:

Do You (anyone reading this) know of any more?
Please, let us know if you do.
E-mail me - Brian V. Brunner ('64)

If you have any yearbook photos, or private pictures of the girls, and have a way to scan them... Send us those too!

This is a summary of the female cadets who were married in Dixon Chapel (that we know of):
I asked LaWanna (Morgen) Nowell('82): Did you get married in the Dixon Chapel? Her reply was:

"Yes, I did get married at the Chapel in 1989. Tracy Cawley also got married there about two years earlier."

                (Added 9/28/02)
The Sentinel*
November, 1980

Melanie Jarrell Named Home Homecoming Queen

Each year at Lyman Ward Military Academy there is a Homecoming Queen ceremony during the halftime of the football game. This year on October 10th, seven girls represented each one of the companies, A through F and Battalion Staff. They were: Alison Headley, Camp Hill; Donna Lyle, Cordele, Georgia; Linda Gwathney, Huntsville; Bonita Keel, Camp Hill; Lynn Weems, Trussville; and Melanie Jarrell, Camp Hill.

The Homecoming Queen of 1980 was Miss Melanie Jarrell, age 16, who was escorted by Cadet Phillip Langley. Melanie is a cadet at LWMA where she plays in the band. She is also a member of the Pep Club, Yearbook Staff and is a cheerleader.

First runner-up was Miss Bonita Keel, age 16, who was escorted by Cadet James D. Beckett. Bonita is also a cadet at LWMA. She is in Headquarters Company as Public Information Officer. She is on the Silver Rifles Drill team, Sentinel Staff, Yearbook staff, Pep Club and is a cheerleader

Second runner-up was Miss Donna Lyle form Cordele, Georgia; who is the sister of Cadet David Lyle.

These three girls, along with the other four contestants, went before a panel of judges that afternoon. They were asked three questions: 1) What they would like to do after high school graduation, 2) What well-known woman they admired and 3) What they thought about the world economy.

The final decision was made during the halftime, when the court was presented. Second Lieutenant Stanley Johnson crowned Miss Jarrell as the 1980 Homecoming Queen.

The Sentinel*
October, 1985

Dixon All Faith Chapel News

The Dixon All Faith Chapel was the setting for the candlelight ceremony uniting in marriage, Tracy R. Cawley('78) and Richard J. Guy('78) on June 15, 1985.

Tracy attended LWMA for one and a half years. She holds degrees from Southern Union College, where she received a basketball scholarship, and Western Carolina University.

After graduating for LWMA in 1978, Richard entered the Army and is now a Senior Flight Instructor at Ft. Rucker, AL. He earned a degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida.

The Guys are presently living in Enterprise, AL, but will be transferred to Ft. Hood, Texas in February where Richard will be a test pilot.

The Sentinel*
January, 1989

Dixon All Faith Chapel News

LaWanna Morgan, Class of 1982 and James L. Nowell were united in marriage in a double ring ceremony at 3:00 p.m., October 29, 1988 in the Dixon All Faith Chapel. Melaine Jarrell Arnold ('81), a former LWMA classmate of the bride, served as Matron of Honor. A reception was held at the Chapel following the ceremony for members of the wedding party and many friends who attended. The couple will be at home in Athens, Georgia.

The Sentinel*
November, 1999

Alumni News

Melanie Jarrell Arnold('81), was one of LWMA's first female cadets in the late 70's. She and her husband, Matthew, live in Opelika, AL and have two children, Jennie and Doss. She operates New Dimensions Hair Studio at Duck Crossing close to Stillwaters.

May, 2001

Alumni News

Melanie Jarrell Arnold('81), was elected Secretary of the LWMA Alumni Association at the annual alumni meeting held on May 5, 2001 in the Wesley P. Smith Auditorium. She is the first former female cadet to be elected an officer in the LWMA Alumni Association.

Congratulations, Melanie! And thank you.

Written by Brian V. Brunner ('64) - 5/7/2001.

Date: Jan 13, 2001 5:00 pm
From: Brian V. Brunner (BVBRUNNER)

Here is a picture that is on the wall of the new Alumni Center at LWMA right now, January 2002.

Cadets in front of Wallace Hall (1977-78?)

(L-R) Faye Brown, Sherry Schiessl, Siavosh Ebrahimi,
Tracy Cawley, and Placido Guzman(?)

This picture was scanned and sent to us by
Mrs. Dorothy Moore '54 in the Alumni Center.

The questions are.....

Who are the Cadets?
What year was it taken?

I believe that is Wallace Hall in the background.

Date: Jan 14, 2002 12:33 pm
From: Hank Artime '78 (HARTIME)
To: Brian V. Brunner '64 (BVBRUNNER)

From back left to front, Faye Brown, Sherry Schiessl, Siavosh Ebrahimi (that was the easy one) next is unknown to me and Tracy Cawley in back. I would say the picture was taken in 1977.

Date: Jan 15, 2002 9:31 am
From: Brian V. Brunner (BVBRUNNER)
To: Hank Artime (HARTIME)


I was looking up the class of 1978 and I was going to suggest:
Alabrishamcar, Mansour
Ebrahimi, Siavosh

But I see you found it...:))

Anybody want to tell us who the other guy is? I told Paul Tate to take a look, maybe he can fill us in.

Thanks again, Hank.

Date: Jan 16, 2002 7:53 am
From: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)
To: Brian V. Brunner 1964 (BVBRUNNER)

Unfortunately, I can not help. The "missing name" is the one that belongs to a Latino. There is a possibility that it is Placido Guzman, but I can't be sure. Ebrahimi is Persian (from Iran) and Alabrishamcar is also Middle Eastern but I am not sure the country of his origin.

I recently learned that Sherry Schiessl is the wife of Mark Garasson and that Sherry is employed in the Pentagon, but her office is on the opposite side of the building from the attack. She was not hurt at all on September 11. She lives in Stirling, Virginia. Her father, Major Al Schiessl was the senior ROTC officer for several years. He is now deceased, but his Mrs. Schiessl is living in Huntsville, Alabama.

Date: May 2003

Melanie Jarrell Arnold '81 was elected to the office of President of the LWMA Alumni Accocation. She is the first woman to be elected to office since the alumni asscocation we restarted in the early 1980's. In the past three years she has held the offices of Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice President.

*From the "Sentinel"
The L. W. M. A. School Newspaper
Lyman Ward Military Academy
Camp Hill, Alabama

**From - "Their Country's Pride"
The Centennial History of L. W. M. A.
Page 148
by Jerri Beck
Copyright 1997 - LWMA Board of Trustees
Camp Hill, Alabama

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