In Regards to General Futch

Story by Sammy Chambers ('65)

Date: 8/16/2000
Subject: In regards to Gen. Futch

     My last year at Lyman Ward, the band was in Howell Hall. I played the tuba and although it played well it looked pretty rough. The school had it when I got there and I had no idea how old it was. The mouthpiece on that thing looked awful. I had tried a number of times to clean it, but even at its best it looked bad.

     I was on my way from the mess hall one day and was going by Russell Hall when Gen. Futch stepped out. I gave him a big salute and then he asked me, "Mister Chambers how is that bass horn doing?" I said, "Gen. Futch, it's doing fine, but I could really use a new mouthpiece". He just grinned at me then we saluted again, and went our separate ways.

     The band at that time was practicing in what was the year before, the supply building. When the company arrived the next day for practice, Capt. Killingsworth, our band instructor, presented me with a brand new mouthpiece (still in the box) for that tuba. He related to me the conversation that Gen. Futch and I had had the day before, and that the General went to Dadeville later that day and purchased it. Needless to say I stopped by Russell Hall right after practice and thanked him for it.

Sammy Chambers

Gen. Futch (1961)
Brigadier General Theodore L. Futch
(1/19/1895 - 1/18/1992) - (LWMA 1959 - 1967)

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