Low Enrollment - One Graduate

Story by Richard Hahn('59)

Camp Hill High School
Camp Hill High School
- 1959 -

The 1958-59 academic year at LWMA was a defining period in the history of the institution as President Howell and the board were in a dire financial situation due to low enrollment, lack of adequate state appropriations, and low giving from past sources. Facing operational liabilities with negative cash flows presented the greatest challenge as yet faced by the school's leadership.

Because of low enrollment and other factors, fate and the providence of God would dictate that I would be the only senior for that academic year. President Howell arranged for me to attend the local High School during the academic day while participating as a cadet after school hours. I would typically meet the bus at the hill entrance wearing civilian clothes and return (usually walking) in the afternoon.

I was not allowed to participate in athletics at CHHS because of my posiition in the cadet corps - XO to Cadet Captain Cecil Harris. I did do the intramural thing with the cadets three times a week to get a PE credit. On May 22, 1959, I was awarded a diploma from CHHS with all rights and priviledges bestowed to kids coming out of the Alabama education system.

Spending six years at SII/LWMA("53'-59) was a rewarding experience that harbors many good memories. Thanks to Major Howell, Colonel Smith, and others I was allowed to remain on campus and complete my education at two fine institutions. After being discharged from the Army in 1962, and enrolling at Gordon Military College (Barnesville, GA), I retold this to Colonel C. T. B. Harris , President of Gordon. His only comment was simply ....." They only did what Dr. Ward would probably have done for any student in that situation."

Richard Hahn, "The" Class of '59

Tallapoosa Hall

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