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Congratulations to our new Alumni Association President - Carey Treadwell

Below is a letter of introduction from our new President Carey Treadwell and an attachment that will be well worth your time to read.

Dear fellow Alumni and friends,

It is my humble honor to serve as the new President of our Alumni Asociation. The attached letter was shared with the Board of Trustees at their annual meeting on May 17th. Please do take a moment to review the letter. Hopefully, I will have the chance to speak with each of you personally. The Academy is in the midst of a turn in a very positive direction. Look forward to maybe seeing you sometime soon, perhaps on campus. The Alumni Summer Muster is scheduled for July 11 - 13. Exciting details will follow.

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Lyman Ward,

My name is Peggy Pelletier, mother of Kirby Wasson. I thought that yall migh enjoy know what one of your students is doing.

The picture below is of Kirby with an Iraqi child. His unit had just finished searching the house for insurgents.

Spc. Kirby Duke Wasson of the 3rd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, U.S. Army

Stationed outside of Baghdad, Iraq

He is trained for driving Strykers but his was blown up again. He is currently a Dismount on a Stryker crew. They go into houses and other buildings clearing out Insurgents. He's been blown in to walls and stuff like that many times already and has only been there for two months. But looking at the picture that the AFN (Armed Forces Network), Combat Camera posted on the Internet  re-enforces my belief that we, the U.S. Military, are needed there in Iraq. Being his parents and military veterans we are very proud of Kirby.

Have a good day.

Peggy Pelletier

ps: I saw and advertisment for Lyman Ward during the ball game. It looked good.


Kirby Wasson


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