LWMA's First Indoor Swimming Pool
- or -
The Easy Way to Flood the Barracks

Story By Gregg Thomas('68) a.k.a. TFUZZ

     LWMA'S first indoor swimming pool t'was back in 66-67 when they still had cokes in glass bottles and they were delivered in wooden cases. Two ingenious cadets decided that since we didn't have a swimming pool they would cool off by stopping up the drains in the showers and with the help of those wooden cases and a lot of towels managed to fill the shower up with water. (They got the shower) full enough for them to swim around in.

     I wasn't there when they decided to do this but, I came in a little after one of the instructors made his rounds and when he came to the showers wandered why the wooden cases were blocking the shower stall and pulled them down. The whole third floor was covered with about an inch of water. I don't remember what happened to them but I don't think they were happy campers for a while.

Old Outdoor Swimming Pool
(Built - 194?)
Photo taken - 1999
by Billy H. Eaton - CHHS Class of 1960

Current Indoor Swimming Pool
(Built - 1973)
Photo Taken - January 1998
by Brian V. Brunner('64)

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