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 Wesley P. Smith                                  Dorothy G. Moore 
Executive Director                               Executive Secretary

SII/LWMA Alumni:

The LWMA Alumni Association is off to a good start this school
year. Because of your support in different ways, we hope to have
the best year ever.

Many thanks to the alumni who have given financial support to the
Alumni Association, especially the two Jacks (Jack Swertfeger and
Jack Heard) and Roscoe Prater who have given sizable financial
contributions. Remember it is imperative that the LWMA Alumni
Association become sound financially. Please, send your
contributions to LWMA Alumni Office, P.O. Box 550, Camp Hill, AL

We are starting a drive to find more former students with
emphasis on those who are not graduates as well as graduates.
Give us any names and addresses that you can to help. Our web
page should and is a big help but we also need your help. Every
day, we have new people responding to us on the Internet and
Email. Remember, we have new numbers and ways communicating
with the Alumni Office. Our telephone number is 256-896-2864 or
256-896-2907, our Email address is, our
FAX is 256-896-2864, our web pages are: and http//
Alumni page).

Some of us discussed a trip for friends and Alumni to celebrate
the year 2000. The Kentucky Derby was suggested but our Alumni
meeting date in May conflicts. What about a cruise in early
August for seven days? Cost will run about $800 to $900 per
person. This should be a ball if we have enough interest.
Contact us by February 1, 2000, if you are interested.

The association has lost two former students recently. William
Thomas Garrigan, III, class of 1968 and Col. Willis Cox, class of
1932. We are saddened by these two losses.

As you know, the Alumni Office / Archives Room, is located in the
old Library of Tallapoosa Hall. We invite everyone to come by to
see us. It is always in the mornings and any other time if
you let me know in advance. This is your office with your
archives in it.

Let me give you some dates to mark on you calendar for this
school year:
    October 8, - Home football game with Bibb Graves at 7:30 PM.
    October 22 - Homecoming football game with Isabella at 7:00 PM.
    October 23 - Homecoming Activities - Open House, Parade,
    Promotion Ceremony,  Buffet, Dance.  Open House usually starts
    at 11:00 AM.
    February 19 - Valentine Activities - Open House, Parade,
    Buffet and Dance.
    May 6, -  Alumni Meeting and Social, Open House, Parade, Buffet
    and Military Ball. More will be mailed out on this date Later.

Without your help and support, this organization could not
survive so please offer your assistance in any way, whether
financially, helping with the office or finding lost alumni.


 Wesley P. Smith                       Dorothy G. Moore  
 Alumni Director                       Alumni Secretary 


P.S. This update from Dorothy just came into the Alummi website:

"The information on the cruise has not arrived but it will be a Caribbean cruise most likely. Don't know which islands yet."

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