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AUGUST 24, 2000

A meeting of the Steering Committee was held in Montgomery,
Alabama, on August 24 for the purpose of continuing work on the agenda for the year.

Those present were: Jim Nipper, chairman of the Steering
Committee, Tim Parker, President of the LWMA Alumni Association, Roscoe Prater, Wesley P. Smith, Dorothy Moore, Secretary. On standby call were the other members of the committee.

The first item of business was a discussion on buying a copying machine for the office since the secretary does not have access to one in her building. Tim Parker and Roscoe Prater stated they would divide the cost of the machine and it was to be purchased.

The second item was the annual scholarship given to the school. It was decided to give one scholarship of $1,500 and to award it to the same cadet who received it last year if he returns. If not, the recipient will be selected by the school.

Discussion was then turned to forming a committee to aid in locating lost alumni and students who attended the school for any length of time. The following people have contacted the association about helping locate these people: Ray Blackburn, Charles Sizemore, Gary Rosentrater, Betty Hildreth and Dave Thompson. It was decided to ask Robert Bell for his assistance also on this project. The President wants to make this a priority.

Tim Parker expressed his desire to have a post card designed to send to people we have their addresses but have not heard from recently.

A brief discussion was held on the possibility of building an Alumni/Museum in the near future. Several options on where it should be located, the design, money raising and a time frame were discussed but nothing definite was decided. Roscoe Prater offered to have an architect to draw up some plans when the time comes. Several ideas for possible donations were given.

MG Clyde Hennies and Mr. Toby Warren had been invited to attend for discussion on matters concerning the school and the Alumni Association and they were welcomed by the President. MG Hennies invited the members of the group to come to the school on Aug. 24 to welcome the new students to the campus.

MG Hennies informed the group he had prepared material to be handed out to the group. He wanted to give his views and then have a discussion on it.

The information included:

A. Lyman Ward Enrollment History,
B. Superintendent of Academic and Student Affairs,
C. Overview of Strategic Plan,
D. Alumni & Development Plan,
E. Lyman Ward Special Projects,
F. Lyman Ward 166 Family Interviews,
G. Alumni Expense History.

A copy of these materials will be filed with these minutes. They show the progress the school has made and goals to be achieved in the future.

The recommended areas of participation with the alumni are as follows.

A. Encourage the alumni to visit the campus for a three-day period possibly in January or February.

B. Invite a member of the association to attend the admission meeting to offer output.

C. To serve to promote the welfare of Lyman Ward as you operate wider the auspices of the Board of Trustees.

D. Class representatives to be a crucial link to enhance their participation in events.

E. (There was no E in this copy.)

F. An opportunity for Career Networking through alumni connections and resume postings online.

G. On fundraising, we ask that you refrain from direct fundraising independent of the academy.

H. We wish to coordinate with you all events.

I. On alumni operations, perhaps it is best for the association to assume all operating costs effective September 1,2000. The President told MG Hennies this was in conflict with what had been discussed in his office in June. MG Hennies told him to look at what he proposed and come back with a proposal from the Alumni Association. A summary of Alumni Expenses was presented to the group.

In discussion on the issue of the association assuming the cost of the office, Tim Parker expressed the side of the alumni toward these suggestions. All agreed an Alumni Building was a priority because of the present location of the office. It was asked about a time frame for the school constructing a building and no definite time could be given. Concern was expressed by members about the security of the office and the museum. The members felt taking the office and museum out of Tallapoosa Hall was a mistake because of the access of alumni and students to the office.

President Parker stressed the Alumni Association is in a period of rebuilding and organizing. It will take all of the alumni in this effort to build an organization to our specifications and that a proposal would be worked up for the benefit of everyone. This proposal should be sent to MG Hennies as soon as possible for his approval.