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10/18/98: -----------------------------------------------

Wallace Hall - New Wing

Wallace Hall 10/17/98

While I was at Homecoming on Saturday Oct. 17, 1998 I noticed that the school is building a new faculty / staff housing wing onto the east end of Wallace Hall. This new wing appears to be the same size and shape as the one added to the west end of Hill Hall in 1996-97.

For all us old alumni(before 1964) that means it's near where the old supply building was located.

There was a small paved walkway going from the back parking lot of Wallace Hall to the sidewalk near the front of Ross Hall. This new wing may cover about half of that walkway.

2/9/99: -----------------------------------------------

I just added the photo I took at homecoming. On 01/24/99 I stopped by LWMA and the concrete block wall is now to the top of the building and it is almost covered with bricks! This wing could be complete by the time of the Alumni Meeting in May.

5/12/99: -----------------------------------------------

Wallace Hall - New Wing

Wallace Hall 5/1/99 - Photo by Ann Potts

The above photo shows the way the new wing looked for Military / Parents / Alumni Day - 5/1/1999.

5/12/99: -----------------------------------------------

O. V. Hill Hall faculty / staff housing wing

O. V. Hill Hall - New Wing

O. V. Hill Hall - New Wing

Hill Hall 1/2/98

The above photos were taken in January of 1998 and shows the twin wing added to the west end of Hill Hall in 1996-97.

6/17/99: ------------------------------------------------

This note was received from Bob Simmoms (www.lwma.org webmaster) on 6/15/99:

By the way, you might note that a new field house is under construction at the north end of the football field, to house new locker rooms, training room, equipment room, coaches offices, etc.. Pretty good size. (It) will be a great improvement over current facilities. (I) was by there yesterday and the foundation is down and the under-slab plumbing is in. About ready to pour the slab. (It) should be ready by the time the players report. (The) stadium has been pressure washed and repainted (also).

9/13/99: ------------------------------------------------

I was in Camp Hill yesterday... 9/12/99 and I saw these new things at LWMA.

I saw the new field house. It is really big. It has been built between the old field house on the right (as you look at it) over to the scoreboard on the left. All of this is, of course, past the far end zone. The new field house is about three times as wide as the old building!

New Field House

New Field House - 9/12/1999

New Field House

New Field House - 10/23/1999 - Homecoming

#2 !
There is a new set of steps and sidewalk going from the front door of Tallapoosa Hall off to the right and downhill (looking from the front door) to connect up with the sidewalk coming from the Martha Dixon Library crossing the old sidewalk that leads to the "Ranger" room in the basement of Tallapoosa Hall.

New Steps

Tallapoosa Hall - New Steps - 9/12/1999

#3 !!!
Howell Hall (a.k.a. the sandbox, new brick, Ward Hall, the last dorm before you get to Dixon Chapel.). This building is undergoing a major remodeling. From the outside (all I could see) the new feature is pointed roof has been added! Mrs. Moore told me that all the bathrooms and showers were being rebuilt! I'll try to get inside during homecoming and give you more info. The remodeling is suppose to be an improvement for the younger boys; the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. (What is known as Junior School - boys too young to be the JROTC program.)

Howell Hall

Howell Hall - New Roof - 10/23/1999

I took some pictures of all this, and I'll post them when I can.

P.S. I wish they fix the sidewalk leading to the left side of Ross Hall and the one going from there to toward Tallapoosa Hall behind the Dr. Ward Monument. My wife almost fell down because of the unevenness of that one! (You know it has been there forever next to that old stomp. And now because of the work n Wallace Hall, the sidewalk leading to Ross Hall is all broken up. It looks really bad.)

Brian V. Brunner('64)

9/27/99 -------------------------------------------------

This note was received from Bob Simmoms (www.lwma.org webmaster) on 9/18/99:

Just began construction this week of a new staff apartment addition to Howell Hall (Foxtrot / Junior School). Other renovations to Howell Hall are about complete.

11/4/99: ------------------------------------------------

When I was down at homecoming I saw:

About #1 in my last note.. The road going back behind the LWMA bleachers has been paved to a point past the end of the football field. This allowed for a driveway / road to be built to the old and new field houses! Looks really nice. I don't know if it was there back during my last visit, but it may have been. After the road gets past the new driveway it returns to being dirt.

About #3 in my last note... Howell Hall. I did get to go inside and look around! The changes I saw (not all I'm sure, just what I could tell) were...

1. New paint on the walls!
2. New light fixtures in each room, In fact the new light fixtures are ceiling fans!
3. The new bathroom fixtures were not installed yet.
4. The new staff officer housing wing had not been started yet. (From the roof picture above it looks as if the new wing will be on the west site.)

I'm sure more has happened since Oct. 23rd.

Brian V. Brunner('64)

8/16/2000: ------------------------------------------------

Here's what the new staff housing wing looked like on May 6, 2000. It was 99% finished at that time.

Howell Hall Staff Wing

Howell Hall - New Staff Wing 5/6/2000 - (Front View)

Howell Hall Staff Wing

Howell Hall - New Staff Wing 5/6/2000 - (West View)

The new wing has no direct entrance to the old Howell Hall west exit. The connecting room is just that - a small room with the old exit door and a new front door leading to a walkway between the new wing and the old building. The new staff wing has a front door in that same walkway and a back door.
(Without a porch in the above picture.)

Lights Near Howell Hall

New Lights near Howell Hall 5/6/2000 - (East Side)

I suppose these lights will help someone catch "The Green Phantom"! If he should ever return, or maybe the lights will keep "Seven-Toes" away???

For the older set... The first four lights are right where the front of Friendly / Kirkland Hall was. There is a fifth light just past the turn in the sidewalk.

Brian V. Brunner('64)

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