The One-Man Blanket Party

Story By Lewis D. Harrison ('63)

Wednesday 12/27/00 11:00PM


I received this story in August of 2000 and I posted it in late December 2000. I thought long and hard before posting it.

7/17/2002: This story has been deleted after thinking it over again.

Brian V. Brunner('64) - The Story Page Editor


Hi Brian,

First of all we all went to an all boys' school and you know boys will be boys. No matter what you post or un-post under protest will never change the fact that there are boys trying to grow into men at L.W.M.A. That was the job of the school in our time. Not every thing boys do will be right and/or politically correct. Even some things that were correct then, will not be correct now and vice versa.

As for the story, "The One-Man Blanket Party", it is my story as I lived it and it helped form me into what I am today. Maybe it was a turning point in my life and better than that it may have been a good turning point in my life and may have changed my respect and treatment for others around me. I shared it with all, as I am proud of the things I learned at L.W.M.A.

I went to Viet Nam and the war took everything away from me. I had nothing of my own and my job was to kill anything that moved that was not in USA green. I did my job well and unlike a lot of others I won. The thing that allowed me to win was my memories and knowing that I was doing the right thing.

All of the censorship in the world will never change my memories and the memories of the guys that passed through this life with me. We are the winners, politically correct or not.

Brian, thanks for posting my story and sharing it with the real people of the world. It meant a lot to me.

Classmate and Friend,


To All,

To those who never saw the original version of the story that Lewis first sent me in 2000, but would like to read it for themselves, e-mail a request to me and I will forward you a copy.

Brian V. Brunner('64) -

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