On-line Advanced Placement Classes Taught at Lyman Ward

Tallapoosa Hall

From: Dee Orem
Date: Dec-12-2001 5:03 P.M.
Subject: Advanced Placement classes at Lyman Ward

Six Lyman Ward cadets are taking on-line Advanced Placement courses, American Government. in the fall of 2001 and Microeconomics in the spring of 2002. These courses are designed to prepare students for the College Board's AP Exams, in these subjects, in May of this school year. With a high enough score on the exams the students may be able to earn college credit for these courses.

Dee Orem

Dee Orem classroom
Computers along the back wall in Dee Orem's classroom.
There are more along the inside wall to the right.
Thia classroom is on the second floor of Tallapoosa Hall.
Photo taken 9/29/01.

The L.W.M.A. Sentinel
September 2003

Advanced Placement Program Offers
Students Accelerated Learning Opportunities

      Under the direction of site coordinator and long-time instructor, Dee Orem, Lyman Ward's Advanced Placement (AP) program gives students who excel the opportunity to earn college credits.

      "The program started in the Spring of 2000 with two students in the American Government class," said Orem. "This year we're proud to say that we have 12 students taking classes in all four of the "core" disciplines which include Social Studies, English, Science and Math."

      The on-line course is provided through Apex Learning, a company started by Paul Allen, who is the co-founder of Microsoft. Apex is accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges.

      Various teachers serve as mentors for the program. Orem serves as mentor for the American Government and microeconomics classes; Ben Thomas is the English mentor; Nick Clearman is the mentor for Chemistry; and Fred Maddox is the Calculus mentor. "Mentors support, clarify and provide the extra time with the students that is necessary for the course to work," Orem said.

      A total of 17 computers, for students and staff, are dedicated to the AP program. "We are grateful to Sen. Ted Little for his help in acquiring state grants to assist with the technology purchases," said Orem.

      Students are selected for the program based on mentor recommendations, and by invitation to the students and their parents

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