Photo of Tallapoosa Hall(1985)

The Ouija Board is Calling!
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I'm NOT Going Back to Tallapoosa Hall TONIGHT!

Story By Nelson Norris(74)

Photos by Brian V. Brunner('64) and Ann Potts

I wonder if John Strunk remembers going to Tallapoosa Hall late one night with myself, Steber (William Ellis Steber '74), the BC* at the time, and another cadet, whose name escapes me. Something does or did indeed, go bump in the night. Myself and my comrades flew out of there like we had wings. Not John Strunk, he walked very calmly out, following us.

We went back to John's apartment (in Kirkland Hall) on campus, and somehow ended up messing with a Ouija board, to make a long story short, the Ouija board spelled out (WILLIAM WALKER) the name that was on a grave that was outside of John's apartment. Supposedly it was the ghost in Tallapoosa Hall. I don't remember the name, but I do remember it was that of a boy who had died of cholera, back in the 1800's. I also remember we were conversing with this "ghost" through the Ouija board. It said it wanted us to come back to the school building. When we asked the "ghost" if it would harm us, the game piece went around in circles very fast, and eventually went off the board. Needless to say we didn't go back to Tallapoosa Hall that night!

Nelson Norris('74)

P.S. You don't think John Strunk had anything at all to do, with the things that went bump in the night, that night??? HAH!!

* BC = Battalion Commander

Tallapoosa Hall Cornerstone(photo taken - 5/1/99)
Tallapoosa Hall Cornerstone

The photo of the cornerstone was taken by Ann Potts, wife of Phillip M. Potts('63) during the 1999 Alumni meeting and celebration on 5/1/99.

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