-- General News and Information about S.I.I. Alumni -- 2/27/99 --


Paul S. Strobel('43)

The pictures are just wonderful of Messrs Ward and Kirkland and I also really love the one of Miss Blaisdell (Blasdell). Putting them with the stories is such a great idea. I have re-copied them, now that the pictures are with them and I am sending them to my children and to some old, old friends. My children, sometime ago, asked me to write a book about my life and I want to include these stories and pictures in that portion of my book that deals with my younger years. I have written so much of the book, but it is still aways from being complete. I will send them these stories and pictures because I know they will love them, almost as much as I do.

As to the old, old friends to whom I will send them, let me tell you a little about them. One is named Houston Powell (SII '44). We called him Bing because he used to imitate Bing Crosby frequently. Bing is the one who joined me when we ran away from school one time. Hitch-hiked to Virginia and then immediately returned to Camp Hill. On the way back we could not get a ride out of Phenix City to Camp Hill and so we walked....all night long. Bing lives in New York and we contact each other once in a while. I know that he, also, will enjoy the pictures.

The other, old, old friend is Early Macon. (SII '44), You will find his name in my story about SII dances. He too, will enjoy the stories.

Eugene Bottom (SII '43) is another old friend. He attended the last reunion at SII (oops, LWMA) in May of 1998.

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