Phillip M. Potts ('63)

I have lived in Sarasota Florida for the last 32 years (almost) save two years in San Diego, California. (95 -97) , Now Sarasota, Fla

Two children who are no longer children.. Bradley and Fran. Branley is getting ready to finish his last two years in College (fingers crossed). Daughter Fran is finishing up her first year Masters program in Psychology. (Social services).

I am now employed at Sentient Technologies, a spin off from my former 31 year job. Sentient, which grew from nothing to a competitive company was just sold to Cisco, which made their stock go from nothing to $114 dollars a share. 135 million dollars was the selling price. So the 20 fellows that started the company are fat cats. And it is great working for a good company again on the cutting edge of technology. One of the largest companies in the telecom business with 179 billion share of the market.

And, so it goes..Third, I guess you could call it the fourth position in 2 years.

Phillip M. Potts
1040 Martin Lakes Cir.
Sarasota, Florida 34232
Ph 941-685-2433

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