Centennial History Book

Dedication and Introduction to

Their Country's Pride*
The Centennial History of
Lyman Ward
Military Academy
By Jerri Beck

Dedicated to all those
who make this special school possible.

. . . a bold peasantry, their country's pride

"The Deserted Village" - Oliver Goldsmith

LWMA Eagle

Perhaps some will not consider it appropriate to use
the idea of peasantry in referring to those who staffed
and attended (The) Southern Industrial Institute. And yet,
they came from circumstances that were neither grand
nor wealthy. Even the most affluent of them prospered
only from their labors. Surely they should be seen as
a new generation of pioneers to leave home and embark
on a journey for knowledge. That they prospered and
crafted successful and happy lives should, indeed,
be their country's pride.

Those who have carried and continue to carry on
the tradition at Lyman Ward Military Academy
are equally bold, accepting of multiple challenges
and equally worthy of their country's pride.

*From "Their Country's Pride"
The Centennial History of L. W. M. A.
by Jerri Beck
Copyright 1997
Lyman Ward Military Academy Board of Trustees
Camp Hill, Alabama

Published at Montgomery, Alabama

To obtain a copy of this wonderful book send $12.00 for the book plus $3.00 postage ($15.00 total) to:

  • Lyman Ward Military Academy
  • Centennial History Book
  • Alumni Office
  • P. O. Drawer 550
  • Camp Hill, Alabama 36850-0550
  • Attn: Dorothy Moore
If you graduated from S.I.I. or L.W.M.A. in or before the class of 1997 your name is in this book!

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