Lyman Ward Military Academy
Replacement Class Rings



Balfour Company

Donald Hodges & Associates
P.O.Box 748
Sylacauga, AL 35150

Phone (256)-249-3373
-FAX (256)-249-3399


Call Bill Hodges at (256)-249-3373.

Col. Hovey will have to approve the ring.

The prices now (12/20/2004) are:

$494.00 for 14k gold

$394.00 for 10k gold

$350.00 for BPS
(Platinum & Silver)

$270.00 for Celestrium
(Looks like silver.)

Add $ for:
$17.00 - White Gold
$17.00 - Full Name Engraving
$17.00 - Military Finish*

Add 8.5% Sales Tax and whatever the shipping will cost at the time.

It takes about eight weeks to get your ring by Fed Ex.

* Military Finish is a polished finish on the ring.
This means that there is no black finish on the ring.

   The original information was obtained from George Blankenship('69) on 6/14/99.

   Updated 12/20/04 via E-mail from Mr. Bill Hodges.

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