Greetings to All!!

by Robert Post '84
May 22, 2001
(From the Message Board)

To: All
May-22 10:51 pm

Greetings to all!!

I have watched these discussions for days now, unable to reply. I couldn't seem to register properly and the form just kept resetting itself, of course by no fault of mine.

I stumbled upon this site providentially. I was researching a product for work whose name was the same as a fellow cadet with whom I shared a room. This prompted me to search for my best friend from LWMA, Bart Odgers! Bart was BC and I was S3 during our senior year-1984. I then searched "LWMA" and found this site. Needless to say, it was thrilling! The years I spent at LWMA had a profound affect on my development, and my life since. Without the experience of this school, its teachers, and the friendships formed there, I'm certain the quality of my life would be lacking.

I was sad to learn that I missed this year's reunion. I had been discussing a visit to LWMA with my wife recently, and we were looking forward to one. I guess I'll just have to wait until next year.

After LWMA, I went to Villanova U. for one year NAVY ROTC. I didn't like V.U. and transferred to Combs College of Music and studied jazz guitar. I was a music ed. major. One day, the director pulled me aside and told me "teaching is not for you." He was right.

After college I went straight into the restaurant business and culinary school. I had been working my way through music school by cooking in restaurants, and really knew more about the food than music upon graduation. In 1996, after owning and chefing three of my own restaurants in and around Philadelphia, I resigned from the food scene. The night, weekend, and holiday schedule was not at all conducive to my new family life. I now have been happily married to my wife Ann for 7 years. We have two daughters, Madeleine-5, and Julia-2. I am now Project Manager for a prominent custom residential builder in the "Main Line" suburbs of Philadelphia.

I am anxious to hear from fellow cadets and faculty. I am especially looking forward to discussions with Major Paul Tate and Captain Dee Orem. These are two of the finest teachers I have ever known.

Robert Post - graduate 1984

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