The Annual Senior Roll

Part I - 1979-1983

- or -

Where Did They Get All that Toilet Paper?

Bryan S. Hintz('81)
Phillip M. Potts('63)
Paul Tate, LWMA Faculty, 1965 - 1983
Weldon H. "Bucky" Heard ('83)
Sam Morrow('83)
Robert Post ('84)

FROM: Bryan s. Hintz (HINTZ)
4/18/98 10:03 am
TO: All

Like the A.F.I. and homecoming, every year I attended LW there was the Senior roll. My 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year the roll came like a snowstorm. I'd wake up and BLAM! One could see many acres of white. My 4th year I had knowledge of it but every year one thing remained inevitable: I got to police the stuff up. When was this tradition started and is it still a tradition. By the way to hear it from them "seniors '79 rolled it best".

From: Phillip Potts(63) (PHILLP)
4/20/98 3:54 pm
To: Bryan s. Hintz (HINTZ)

There was nothing like that when I attended.. But it sounds like fun..:)

Exactly what would they do??

From: Bryan s. Hintz (HINTZ)
4/21/98 8:31 am
To: Phillip Potts(63) (PHILLP)

The campus would be covered end to end, not to mention the commandant's and some of the faculty houses with toilet paper.

A sight to see, heck to clean.

From: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)
4/21/98 9:37 am

Year after year as the time approached for the senior roll, Pogue, an employee and chief keeper of the toilet tissue for the entire campus, would be instructed to ensure that the store of tissue was well secured. After a few years, however, it was unofficially suspected that Pogue was the provider of the tissue outside of what the school owned and had purchased. Each senior (and oftentimes some juniors!) would be assessed a specific amount of money to be collected secretly to give Pogue secretly who would then go downtown to O. R. Chester's Wholesale Company and purchase cases of toilet tissue. To this day if he could be challenged I am sure that Pogue would vehemently deny any participation. But the truth remains. Thousands of rolls of toilet tissue, unrolled, would mysteriously appear early one morning and the administration and teachers would be compelled to wonder, "How on earth could the cadets have amassed so much toilet tissue and kept it hidden?"

From: Bryan s. Hintz (HINTZ)
4/21/98 4:58 pm
To: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)

Thanks Major. I never knew any of the logistics that went into the "event". I would guess it is something that is not discussed. Just hope I haven't violated the ways of the Coomb.

From: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)
7/21/98 2:09 pm
To: Bryan s. Hintz (HINTZ)

Hello Bryan! I would really like to know officially what was the source of the toilet tissue. We always suspected Pogue (or as the cadets called him, "Po"), but he would always deny it. In fact, he may have never have been a contributor. Who knows? Pogue is now passed on. It would be interesting if those participants who do know how it was done (the amassing of so much toilet tissue without being found out in advance) would come forward and give us their own account. I'll bet that each year this one particular aspect was indeed unique, original, and creative! Take care and thanks!

From: Bryan s. Hintz (HINTZ)
7/21/98 3:42 pm
To: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)

Hello Major, the only source I knew was from the barracks itself and maybe (from rumor mind you) that some cadets had whole boxes stashed, where that came from I don't know. oh and don't bring any TP from home or they would get that too. (They were bigger than me! : -) .

From: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)
7/22/98 10:43 am
To: Bryan s. Hintz (HINTZ)

I can agree that most of the TP came from outside sources. Maybe some of the other onliners can give information into this inquiry as well. It would be interesting. I also wonder if they still have senior rolls. Now as a Marine, I'll bet you occasionally wish that you could go back to those days when some of those "bigger" guys took away your TP or hazed the smaller guys. Take care. It was good to hear from you.

From: Bucky (HEARDS)
7/23/98 3:23 am
To: Bryan s. Hintz (HINTZ)

Hey guys! I have tried to send this message three times and I do not think I am getting through...just in case, disregard this if you have read something from me previously! If you would, refresh us on this "incident" because I do not remember it! I do have a feeling that if ANYONE would know, it would be Sam Morrow or Gerald Blackwell..(smile) Take Care!
Bucky Heard '83

From: Sam Morrow (I311CG)
11/17/98 1:18 pm
To: Bucky (HEARDS)

Where exactly DID the TP come from??

Personally, I have no idea. But if memory serves me correctly, the Great Roll of '83 was to be the last at LW. IMHO, it was the greatest I experienced in my five years at the academy.

Which building did we point the cannon (75mm Howitzer) at?

I would welcome any other comments / memories about the '83 Roll.


From: Bucky (HEARDS)
11/19/98 3:01 am
To: Sam Morrow (I311CG)

"WEEEEEEELLLLLL!! WEEEEEEELLLLL!" (To quote Mr. Hubbard, of course) I do believe it was the last roll and no doubt,,, THE BEST!!!!! 1983 RULES!!!!! We also had tied several underclassmen to the flagpole and hung them in laundry bags off the end of the cannon...which I think was pointed at A-co.!!!!! Ha! Ha! It was a blast and I was there for it ALL! Keep in touch!

C-ya! Bucky Heard '83

From: Rob Post (ROBPOST84)
May-24-2001 10:16 pm

Yes, Sam and Bucky, and the rest of their classmates took the senior roll to the point of no return!!! It was the sheet that broke the toilets back- so to speak. The Military staff and faculty vowed not let this cadet tradition continue into '84. We desperately wanted to have our roll, but the threats coming out of Col. Moreman's office that spring were frequent and furious. They were of the "pack your bags" variety. It worked.

Rob Post '84

Complied from the Message Board by Brian V. Brunner('64)

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