The Annual Senior Roll

Part II - 1974-1975

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Where Did They Get All that Toilet Paper?

J. C. "Crack" Sizemore ('76)

From: J. C. Sizemore (SIZEMORE76)
Aug-12-2001 12:33 pm
To: Brian V. Brunner 1964 (BVBRUNNER)

I do not know when the first senior roll took place but I do remember one of great interest that thoroughly perplexed the staff. I believe it was during the 1974-1975 school year. Being a junior, I was privy to certain elemental facts as were all juniors and seniors. I will do my best not to mention names to protect the innocent (as if there were some innocent individuals). We had worked for quite some time amassing our toilet paper stash. Best count I can remember was 6 mattress covers filled to the brim with toilet paper stored in the attic of, you guessed it, Kirkland A.K.A. Friendly Hall. Needless to say, quite a few underclassmen were stranded on the toilet bowl without a roll. Alas, someone of authority discovered our stash and it was confiscated. After enduring one to two weeks of good-natured ribbing from the staff about not having to buy toilet paper for the school because of the stash they found, we determined it was time for action. The next open weekend everyone went home with orders to return with as much toilet paper as they could put their hands on. Well, needless to say, our dedication to duty and military training served us well because we completed our mission with almost as much toilet paper as we had in our stash. However, the story does not end there. We had a certain cadet who had a habit of picking things up such as keys. He had this key ring about the size of a softball with about 40 to 50 keys on it. As he was trying all of his keys on the storeroom, which contained our original stash, I remember someone telling him to forget it about the time he opened that storeroom door.

It was on again with the original stash added to the stuff we brought back. I distinctly remember we covered a telephone line on Hwy 50 in front of Futch Field to the point there appeared to be a solid wall across the highway. A semi came by and locked up his brakes until he realized it was paper but the brake noise awakened Col. Moreman thus bringing a very abrupt end to a memorable night.

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