The Swish - Swash Man

- or -

Stay Away from the Trestle!

Story By Nelson Norris('74)

Photo by Brian V. Brunner('64)

This is sort of how the story goes, as I remember it....

A long time ago there was a man that worked for the railroad out by the trestle. His job was to direct the trains that were passing through at night using a lantern. Well, one dark, cold, and gloomy night, his lantern went out. A train soon approached, and because he had no lantern the conductor on the train couldn't see him, and, for what ever reason, he did not notice the train. Well, the train struck the man. It severed his legs off at the knees and he lived.

He got the name "Swish - Swash Man" because after the accident, he had to move around like primates do from time to time, putting his hands out in front of himself and pulling what was left of his legs behind him. The noise that this made as he was moving aroud the woods , made a swish swash noise amongst the dry leaves.

It sure made for an interesting story when a few of us were camping down by sandy creek.

Lost Cadet 1961 - hint - BVB
Another lost cadet on the trestle?

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