- T-Bone -

a.k.a. - T-BO, T-Bow, or Tebo

Mr. Fred Roberts, Born 1913 - Died 1985

As much a part of Camp Hill as the Buildings!

Camp Hill - 1980
Camp Hill, Alabama - 1980

A Delphi Message Board Discussion and the
Yahoo! Camp Hill High School Club Message Board Discussion


Brian V. Brenner('64) of Atlanta GA
Paul Tate, LWMA Faculty, 1965 - 1983 of Mobile, AL
Clay Campbell('66) of Seneca, SC
Phillip M. Potts('63) of Bradenton, FL
Weldon H. "Bucky" Heard('83) of Branson, MO
Henry Artime('78) of the U.S. Navy - USS Kearsarge and Williamsburg, VA
Billy H. Eaton (Camp Hill High School '60) of Bossier City, LA
Webmaster at - The Camp Hill High School site -
(He also provided the photograph of T-Bone in this story)
John Strunk, LWMA Faculty, 1967 - 1974 of Harriman, TN
Barbara Taylor(CHHS '52) of Camp Hill, AL
Janice Betts Wiggins of Opelika, AL
Bill Adcock(CHHS '60) of Dadeville, AL
Earl Langley(CHHS '64) of Montgomery, AL
Founder of - The Yahoo Camp Hill High School Club -
Margie Goodin Blair(CHHS '64) of Prattville, AL
Linda Bonds Peterson(CHHS '64) of Heathsville, VA
Dorothy (Gabbett) Moore(SII '54)
- LWMA Alumni Association Executive Secretary -
of Camp Hill, AL

Camp Hill Photo by Brian V. Brenner('64)

This note started things off... in August of 1998.

From: Brian Brenner(64) (BVBRUNNER)
8/14/98 1:55 pm

In 1959-60 there was an old fellow in town whom everyone called "T-Bone". He always seem to be somewhere on the sidewalks in Camp Hill. I guess he was the town drunk, the village idiot or just the local bum. (Now I guess he'd be called a "Homeless Person".) He would shake a small stick (maybe a tiny baseball bat) at us and call us "Southern Boys.... Southern Boys...". The younger boys would try to take his stick away and play chase with him. This was just to aggravate him, they always gave it back. I do not remember him being there in my 10th-12th grade years (1961-1964).

(Note: He was there I just did not remember.)

From: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)
8/14/98 3:00 pm
To: Brian Brenner(64) (BVBRUNNER)

Yes, we all knew T-Bone. And there are many, many anecdotes that many, many cadets could share about their experiences with him.

He was NOT an alcoholic, a bum, or homeless. Local and reliable sources, generally the store merchants along Main Street who generously gave T-Bone virtually anything that he picked up in their stores, said that T-Bone was born "not having all that was coming to him." By modern terminology, we would say that he was severely, mentally challenged. Because he had a family who loved him despite all, and because he was in fact harmless, he was never institutionalized. Others believed that he had experienced shell-shock in WW One, but that is not the case.

About 10 years ago, T-Bone was burned to death in his home that he shared with his only brother -- actually a severely run-down house on the street behind Tallapoosa Hall. Reports are that on a cold winter night, the brothers had left a gas heater lighted, and that fire ignited some other flammables. Unfortunately, the fire was too far gone before anyone reported it and T-Bone could not be saved. His brother, I understand, did actually survive.

From: Brian Brenner(64) (BVBRUNNER)
8/14/98 4:15 pm
To: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)

Thanks for all the info. I had forgotten all those facts about him. As I always tell Phil Potts, all these things I do for and with the alumni are a kind of therapy for me.

You see on June 4, 1967 I was in a head-on collision while I was going to Columbus, GA from Atlanta. ... I did not come to until around July 4th, and I was in Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C.! ... (Therefore I have a faulty memory.)

When I wrote the paragraph about T-Bone that was all I could remember about him. Your note brought it all back. After each sentence I would say, "Yea, that's right." And I was sorry to hear of his violent death.

Thanks, Paul, for helping me put that memory back together.

From: Clay Campbell (CLAYCAMPBELL)
8/15/98 4:11 pm
To: Brian Brenner(64) (BVBRUNNER)

T-bone was around when I attended my senior year 1965-1966. I'll never forget him shaking the little stick and saying... My, My,...my,my,my. My roommate and I actually went to his house once and got him to tell us stories which we tape recorded. His elevator might not have gone to the top floor, however he could really spin a yarn. I'm very sorry to hear of his unfortunate death.

I hope the My, My,...my,my,my. Brings back additional memories for you.


From: Phillip Potts(63) (PHILLP)
8/15/98 6:19 pm
To: Clay Campbell (CLAYCAMPBELL)

Yes, and as Paul Tate mentioned the "Mighty Fine!" it all came back. He used to trail us as we marched to church.

Why are we in the 50's? I could not say that he was around in 58, my first year.. I'll bet Rick Hahn would remember.

From: Brian Brenner(64) (BVBRUNNER)
8/17/98 9:05 am
To: Phillip Potts(63) (PHILLP)

I put it here (in the LWMA of the 1950's subject) because, at the time, I could only remember him from my 8th grade year(59-60). But according to Hank Artime('78), in a private note to me said that T-Bone he was there in the 1970's too. And Paul Tate said he died about ten years ago. So, I guess the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's would cover it better.

Well, it started a good discussion no matter where we put it! :)

Thanks Everyone,

From: Phillip Potts(63) (PHILLP)
8/17/98 9:09 am
To: Brian Brenner(64) (BVBRUNNER)

No problem.. Since it jarred my memory, I definitely have visions of poor T-bone. He was evidently around for a goodly length of time.

From: Brian Brenner(64) (BVBRUNNER)
8/17/98 9:29 am
To: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)

Can you tell us what T-Bone's real name was? Or His brother's name? If anyone else know's the answer, jump in and tell us. I'd like to have the names down here for the record.

From: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)
8/17/98 10:17 am
To: Brian Brenner(64) (BVBRUNNER)

I am sure that I heard of T-Bone's name and the name of his brother -- especially at the time of his death, I seem to remember actually reading an account in the Dadeville Record -- but I don't remember. Ask Dorothy Moore to research it. She can easily find out. Somewhere in my archives, I have a wonderful black and white photograph that I personally took of T-Bone, when I, and several cadets were out for a photo shoot for the photography club which never flourished. If you would like to post it, I'll dig it up and send it to whomever. Let me know.

From: Brian Brenner(64) (BVBRUNNER)
8/17/98 10:56 am
To: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)


You said: "I have a wonderful black and white photograph that I personally took of T-Bone, when I, and several cadets were out for a photo shoot for the photography club which never flourished. If you would like to post it, I'll dig it up and send it to whomever. Let me know."

Yes, yes, yes!

Send it to Phillip Potts, or me bbrunner@gsu.edu, and it will get posted one way or another.

From: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)
8/17/98 7:28 pm
To: Brian Brenner(64) (BVBRUNNER)

I will certainly try. Two problems: one - finding the photograph and two - transmitting the image by email. I will need help doing that. Any suggestions?

From: Phillip Potts(63) (PHILLP)
8/17/98 11:23 pm
To: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)

"Two problems: one - finding the photograph and two - transmitting the image by email. I will need help doing that. Any suggestions?"

Well, we probably can't help you find it..:)

But, if you can get it scanned you can e-mail it, post it here just as Brian did the Tallapoosa pic, or attach it to a message right here on the message board.. (Attach file)

Pictures need to be preferably .jpg format.

From: Bucky (HEARDS)
8/20/98 2:54 am
To: Phillip Potts(63) (PHILLP)

Phillip! We had fun "run-ins" with T-Bone as late as '83!! He was always in town giving the cadets a piece of his mind! In my opinion...he is as much a part of LWMA as anything. What I mean by that is ...he helped create memories! Salutations to T-Bone! Take Care! Bucky Heard '83

From: Phillip Potts(63) (PHILLP)
8/20/98 7:01 am
To: Bucky (HEARDS)

That he did Bucky, that he did.

From: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)
8/20/98 1:53 pm
To: Phillip Potts(63) (PHILLP)

I have not completed this part of my homework assignment by finding the photograph of T-Bone. I am still looking. Publishing it here on the Board certainly will re-kindle memories and well as the spirit of T-Bone. I shall continue to look.

From: Phillip Potts(63) (PHILLP)
8/20/98 4:41 pm
To: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)

Well, I guess we will extend your time a bit.. Funny, through all the years I only took one roll of film while I was at LWMA (5 years)..

Anybody else out there have pics of this and that?

From: Brian Brenner(64) (BVBRUNNER)
8/21/98 9:59 am
To: Phillip Potts(63) (PHILLP)

That's me too! I only took one roll of pictures too in the four years I was there. That was the fall of 1961. I only have four of those now! ...

Back to T-Bone. This has been a really enjoyable discussion. I've relearned a lot. Plus I found out that T-Bone must not have been as old as I thought he was in my era. (Anybody over twenty is old when you're fourteen.) He was really around a long time. ...

From: Brian Brenner(64) (BVBRUNNER)
8/25/98 4:41 pm

I thought I'd share these notes with everyone. I received the first note from Hank Artime('78) after I wrote message # 518 in this discussion. The second note was my reply to him. (edited somewhat)

Hank gave me permission to post these notes here.

     I had forgotten the name as well, but it did sound familiar. The more Paul spoke of him the more I seem to recall as well. Was he there in the 70s? ...

     From what Paul Tate said about T-Bone being killed ten years ago, I can only assume he was there in the 70's. ...

Now in August of 1999, we find out..

From: Brian Brenner(64) (BVBRUNNER)
8/13/99 11:32 am
To: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)

Paul and Everyone,

I found a picture of T-Bone on the WEB!!!!
Here he is:

T-Bone (Date ?)
Mr. Fred Roberts
Born 1913 - Died 1985

The link to the picture reads:
"T-BO, Fred Roberts, born 1913-died 1985"

Here's a link to the website -


Here's the webmasters -

Billy And Pat Eaton
Bossier City, LA

There are some pictures there of the Downtown Camp Hill area.


From: Billy H. Eaton
(One of our new Camp Hill High School friends - Class of 1960.)
8/15/99 5:39 pm
To: Brian Brenner

I am not sure when T-Bo's photo was taken. Floice Landrum showed it to me when I was home a few months ago and let me bring it to Bossier City, LA with me so I could scan it into my computer. I do think it was taken in early 80's. He was a fixture in Camp Hill all of his life.

Billy And Pat Eaton
Bossier City, LA

From: Billy H. Eaton
(One of our new Camp Hill High School friends - Class of 1960.)
8/16/99 3:21 pm
To: Brian Brenner

I really enjoyed it (the T-Bone Story, so far) for several reasons. I never realized that the cadets felt the same way we all felt about T-Bo and other things in Camp Hill. It is good to know. I never knew where his house was.

Everybody in town did help him with food, clothes and even taking him to a Doctor if they thought he was sick.

When someone would give him a pair of shoes, he would take the others off and put on the "new ones" . He would just leave the old ones where he took them off. He would also do this with other clothes.

Like all young kids we did bad things to him. Some would put loads in cigarettes and give them to him, boy would he get mad when they blew up. As we all got older, I think we all began to realize that he was a human being and we all regret what we did.

You are very right he was a very big part of Camp Hill. It is a shame that there is not much left of the town anymore. It makes me sick every time I go home. If it were not for LWMA there would be nothing left of Camp Hill.

I enjoy finding out more of the past and wished I had talked with the "old folks" before they all died away.

I am glad we have contact.

From: John Strunk (JOHNSTRUNK)
8/16/99 4:46pm
To: Brian Brenner(64) (BVBRUNNER)

I arrived in Camp Hill in 1967 at the age of 22 to begin my teaching career at LWMA and occasionally experienced some culture shock. The very first time that I went to the laundrymat in Camp Hill to wash my clothes the patrons stared in disbelief that I was there. I had always done my own laundry at home and while at the university and thought nothing of going to the laundrymat to wash my clothes. The lady who worked there was so kind and came to me and offered to complete my laundry so that I would leave. She explained that men didn't come into the laundrymat to wash clothes. Initially I was very skeptical of leaving my clothes with a stranger, but she convinced me that it would be OK. When I returned, there were all my clothes dried and neatly folded in my basket. This story is a link to my first memory of T-Bone because as I was leaving the laundrymat that afternoon in shock that someone had just completed doing my washing, I first met T-Bone. As fate would have it, that became one of the most outstanding memories that I have of the town.

I was putting my laundry basket in my car when I heard a glorious baritone voice singing a beautiful hymn. I looked around for the source of the music and saw T-Bone coming down the sidewalk. His music was so enrapturing that I felt the hair on the back of my neck begin to stand. He approached waving his stick singing at the top of his voice with a grandeur that would have made a star of the Metropolitan Opera proud. I stood outside my car fascinated by this old black gentleman dressed in rags with the voice of an angel. When T-Bone reached where I was standing dressed in my LWMA uniform, he suddenly stopped singing, looked me squarely in the face, smiled and said "Southern boys," turned and continued down the sidewalk singing with an amazingly powerful voice. That was the first of many times that I heard his voice echoing through Camp Hill. I was amazed that no one else mentioned that T-Bone was quite a singer as well as a local character.

From: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)
Aug-17-1999 10:59 pm
To: John Strunk (JOHNSTRUNK)

Thanks, John, for helping us to remember the one, true talent that T-Bone did possess. Remember, also, that right back of the parking lot behind Tallapoosa Hall, and through the trees, was a "black" church that we would observe when we left the school building. During services on Sunday and during revivals during the week, we would often see T-Bone sitting on the steps of the church, in front of the closed and bolted doors, singing at the top of his lungs. We were told that he was asked to sit outside on the steps because the only part of any church service that T-Bone wished to participate in was "the singing." The only problem: T-Bone would not shut up -- not even during the sermon. You will remember that as he swung his stick, he oftentimes would proclaim, "Glory, glory, glory!"

In fact, my first introduction to T-Bone was through Wayne Betts who paid him a quarter and a cigarette to sing "Amazing Grace." No doubt about it. T-Bone is singing is a heavenly chorus now.

From: John Strunk (JOHNSTRUNK)
Aug-18-1999 10:59 pm 7:48 am
To: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)

One of T-Bone's comments also was "Sanctified, sanctified music." Your message brought back memories of my going up to the school building on Sunday before lunch and sitting on the back steps to listen to music from the church that you mentioned.

From: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)
Aug-25-1999 6:43 pm
To: Brian Brenner(64) (BVBRUNNER)

At least one more T-Bone story:

John Strunk, Bill Lish, Wayne Betts, and I would always locate the whereabouts of T-Bone whenever we were selecting a spot to stand to watch the Downtown Camp Hill Christmas Parade which would generally be made up of at least two bands and several floats - the Camp Hill High School Band and the Lyman Ward Band were both "givens." Sometimes the Dadeville band and the Alexander city band would also march in the Christmas parade.

T-Bone loved the sound of drums, and he would go absolutely ballistic (no pun intended!) whenever the drum section of any band would pass him by as he walked up and down the street in front of the standing spectators who had lined up for the parade. We would enjoy the antics of T-Bone -- his dancing, his shouting, his cavorting -- actually more than we enjoyed the parade itself.

Like others, we probably subconsciously believed that the sounds of the drums recalled in T-Bone's memory the distant sounds of cannons on the battlefield since the reason that was generally given for T-Bone's behavior was the result of shell-shock from WWI.

From: Barbara Taylor
(One of our new Camp Hill High School friends - Class of 1952.)
Sep 3, 1999 10:52 PM
To: Brian Brenner

This was written some time ago and the person has died.

I graduated at CHHS in '52... I also remember him from when I was a child and that was a few years ago.

"T BO"

T-Bo was mentally ill and was a tiny black man wearing overalls with one strap loose all the time, shoes always untied. He walked up and down the street at Camp Hill and would carry a stick about 30 inches long under his arm. He would hold his stick and shake it in his face and just say "You cold got that thing." People would give him cigarettes, and he would say, "I need a Pall Mall". He enjoyed smoking. He would not bother anyone.

Mr. Bernie Wilson who ran the barber shop would enjoy taking his stick and running away with it. T-Bone would get so mad and run up and down the street screaming, finally Mr. Wilson would give it back and give him a couple of cigarettes and T Bone was happy again. There was one or two white ladies who could talk to him and get him to settle down. He wouldn't listen to many people at all.

T-Bo died an old man of 75 or 80, (Copier's note: He died when the small house he lived in burned.) I have a picture of him and when I took it he said, "Give me a dollar."

Written by: Leon Miller who died in 1999.

Editor's Note: Some of the following notes came from
The Camp Hill High School Club Message Board on YAHOO!

To: YAHOO! Camp Hill High School Club
From: Janice Betts Wiggins in Opelika, Alabama
Date: 09/08/1999 10:24 pm EDT

...Frank said does anybody not remember T-Bo saying, "AL-TORIE", referring to the sticks he always carried? He remembers the my my my and the glory but most of all al-torie (sp)...

To: YAHOO! Camp Hill High School Club
From: Bill Adcock (CHHS '60)
Date: 09/09/1999 08:05 am EDT

... that not everyone could remember T-BO. ALTORIE is right. that was the name of the small bat he carried. While I knew him we had to replace the bat because people would pick at T-Bo and he would get excited and start smashing anything in his way. He use to hang around MEADOWS HARDWARE (all the boys local hang out). We would buy him cokes and listen to him talk. NOW! ANYONE WHO REALLY KNEW T-BO CAN TELL YOU WHAT COLOR SUIT HE TALKED ABOUT ALL THE TIME. Trivia for the day. ...

To: YAHOO! Camp Hill High School Club
From: Bill Adcock (CHHS '60) Dadeville, Alabama
Date: 09/09/1999 07:43 pm

GREY-DARK-BROWN (The suit color)

To: Brian Brunner(64) (BVBRUNNER)
From: Janice Betts Wiggins in Opelika, Alabama
Date: 09/09/1999 09:19 am EDT

... you'd be surprised who all remember T-Bo. Have you gone to the LWMA link yet? If not go to links and it's the forth one down by BVBRUNNER. It's a great (in) site. There are a couple of stories on T-Bo. Frank read it before I sent it to Wayne (Betts) and said no one mentions ALTORIE. And of course you know me.... I had to see if he was really right. Thanks. He can't remember the suit color. (you know he is older than dirt and has memory lapse) hehehe Frank that is !!! Check out that site... j. (hammer)

To: YAHOO! Camp Hill High School Club
From: Bill Adcock (CHHS '60) Dadeville, Alabama
Date: 09/09/1999 07:42 pm EDT

... T-Bone/T-Bo would also hit us up for cigarettes (and a coke from MARY LOU MEADOWS). We would buy smokes at CHESTERS DRUG STORE at three for a nickel and usually end up giving T-Bo one of those. CHESTERS DRUG STORE is also the place where we would go for school lunch.

To: Brian Brunner
From: Janice and Frank Wiggins
Date: Thu, Sep 9, 1999 9:36 PM

... T-Bo would always hold his stick (or bat) up to his ear and shake it and say AHHH AL-TORIE when he'd pass them on the streets. That's why I asked had anyone not remembered that. Its a shame more people can't read about him. It may really make folks stop and think a little. I know it has since you brought it up on line. I am glad I got to see the picture of him since I've heard so much over the years, and also to know about his singing. Some times we only hear the ugly stuff don't we? T.Wayne (Betts) said he'd thought several times about some of the things that went on when he was there, (and) said Paul Tate's remark was an understatement. There are millions of tales to be told (about T-Bone). He said he may get back with ya'll on some of them. He's still in awe that I've been in contact with you. I hope he will get to your next get together.

Frank went to CHHS as well as SII and LWMA. He sounds strange doesn't he!!! I think his switching so much was probably to spite Eli (Howell)....(his step dad). Oh well...thats a kid for ya huh?

Editor's Note: Yes, Frank Wiggins is the step son of Major Eli Howell (SII-LWMA's third president) and an SII-LWMA alumni (former student) with us.

------------ Janice Betts Wiggins is the sister of Captain T. Wayne Betts who was long time teacher at LWMA. (I should know, I was one his students.)

From: Paul Tate (PAULTATE)
Date: Sep-14-1999 5:36 pm
To: Brian Brunner(64) (BVBRUNNER)

Talk about immortality ... Isn't it wonderful that a man with a simple mind and an even simpler life has now achieved a kind of immortality that many of us would never have imagined possible. Here 20 to 30 years later, we still remember well T-Bo (T-Bone) and what's more, we talk about him and his antics and his other behaviors incessantly. And that discussion is not simply limited to T-Bone's "one of them Southern boys." Many others remember him and talk about him as well.

"Mighty fine watch!" was another greeting that T-Bone used with me and others. Actually, it was more a request than a greeting. He actually would be saying, "Give me your watch, please." And so, whenever my Timex would wear out, I would hang in on the gear shift of my car until I would see T-Bone and then I would give him the watch. The fact that it would no longer work was insignificant because each time someone would ask him the time, the time was always "quarter past three", at least in T-Bone's mind.

The next day the gift of the previous day would be missing. But still the greeting would come, "Mighty fine watch."

To: Brian Brunner(64) (BVBRUNNER)
From: (s_newman59) Sonny (Glenn) Newman(CHHS '59)
Date: 09/15/1999 11:11 pm EDT

More on T-Bone. I heard somewhere that his Altora's name came from someone calling it a Torah (scroll used in synagogues for religious purposes). He picked up the "a Torah" as "Altora" and that is what he called it from then on. When I was a small boy T-Bone would come by my grandmothers and do odds and ends for lunch. One day he picked up a small 18 inch bat I had and used it for a while as his altora. Fun memories.

To: YAHOO! Camp Hill High School Club
Earl Langley(CHHS 1964)
Montgomery, AL 36109) 09/16/1999 03:46 pm EDT

Does anyone remember the day "Big" Jim Folsom came to town to stump for Gov.?? He stood on the sidewalk in front of Camp Hill Furn. and spoke. Before he appeared in front of the small gathering, his band cranked up with country music, "Dixie" and the like!! T-Bo was in rare style in the center of the intersection of Kernodle and Main St. He was going at it, swinging his altory, jumping and having a stomp down time!!!!! Too bad video cameras were not at hand back then.

Anyone else have a T-Bo story????? Put it on here!!!! Later, Earl!!!!

To: YAHOO! Camp Hill High School Club
Earl Langley(CHHS 1964)
Date: 09/17/1999 02:18 pm EDT

I just read some of the T-Bo info. and looked at the photo posted. Tears actually came up in my eyes as I read and looked at the photo!!! I have a theory of how T-Bo came to name his sticks. It may be far fetched, but here goes??? Does anyone remember the Dimenstein's store up town, two doors south of the barber shop? They would have been the only Jewish contacts with which T-Bo would have associated in any way. He went into all the stores during his daily rounds. Patricia Landrum Harp related this to me. However, it is my theory. I don't remember the store, nor do I remember when it closed. It is just a theory, but it does fit, you have to admit????? Does anyone else have a better idea???????

To: YAHOO! Camp Hill High School Club
From: Margie Goodin Blair (CHHS '64)
Subject: I remember Tebo
Date: 09/18/1999 11:48 pm EDT

Tebo passed my home everyday and my little bulldog Bobo would try to bite him when he passed by. Of course tebo would start with the el torre and shake his stick. I really tried to have Bobo inside when I saw tebo coming. I have so many good memories of my friends from Camp Hill.

There was a message about CHHS/LWMA game rivalry I was a cheerleader for the basketball team in 1957/58 (and) I remember we won the game. Also do any of you remember when the boys from the academy dyed their hair green and were not allowed off campus for months?

To: YAHOO! Camp Hill High School Club
From: Linda Bonds Peterson(CHHS '64)
Date: 09/20/1999 09:45 pm EDT

I am really enjoying reading all about "T-Bone." I bet he would never believe he was such a "celebrity."

One thing I remember about him was that he was "always a gwying to Spring Hill." Anyone remember that? He always wanted a "Kool cigarette."

You guys really have a great capacity for remembering all the old times. Thanks for jogging my memory.

To: YAHOO! Camp Hill High School Club
From: Bill Adcock (CHHS '60) Dadeville, Alabama
Date: 09/21/1999 02:37 am EDT

... Da rocky is back. (I have) been reeding all this good stuff ya'lls is writing. Took me a while to catch up. I remember about the "Kool cigarette". Also T-BO always wanted a suite that was "grey dark brown". It's sad how T-BO died, but sadder is how he was found and that he was alone. How fortunate we all are. ...

Editor's Note: I know the following note is out of sequence, but this will always be the last note in this story. You will know why when you read it.

To: Brian Brunner(64) (BVBRUNNER)
From: Dorothy (Gabbett) Moore(SII '54)
Subject: More T Bone
Date: Fri, Sep 17, 1999 9:36 AM

I pulled up yesterday what has been written on T Bone and see some facts that are not right. I took it home and (my husband) Olice agreed. Then I called a man who lived across the street from T Bone all his life and he said we were right. First, he never had a brother. He lived with his uncle until he died about 2 years before T Bone did. T Bone lived alone when he died and no one was in the house with him.

Olice said to also tell you this. When T Bone got scared for any reason, he would go to one of the stores up town where the door was set back into the building and squat down and hide. The night of the fire, Olice sent the policeman back up town to look in these places to see if he was there hiding, which he wasn't. After they cooled the fire down, Olice found his body behind a wood stove up next to the wall.


Compiled and edited from messages on the Message Board By Brian V. Brenner('64).
I had to delete a lot of lines that had nothing to do with the subject of T-Bone.

A couple of notes here to our readers;

First: You will notice that some of the notes seem to be out of sequence. That was because for some reason we had two discussions with "T-Bone" as the subject. I tried to merge them as best I could.

Second: We hear now-a-days about how important the dash is between the date someone was born and the date they died. Well, the dash between 1913 and 1985 in Mr. Fred Thomas' case is very important. No mater how smart or important any of us have become, I doubt we could have touched more lives than Fred Thomas did in the small village of Camp Hill, Alabama during his lifetime. He touched us all in his own way. T-Bone's "DASH" means a lot! I hope as much can be said for all of us.

Third: Here is his obituary, supplied to us, today 9/16/1999, from Mrs. Dorothy (Gabbett) Moore('54). - the LWMA Alumni Association Executive Secretary -

Fred "T Bow" Roberts

- Camp Hill - The funeral for Fred "T Bow" Roberts, 64, of Camp Hill, will be 11 a.m. Tuesday, Dec 24, 1985, at Murray Chapel Methodist Church with burial in the city cemetery.

Mr. Roberts died Dec. 21 in his home as a result of a house fire.

Vines Funeral Home listed a host of friends as his only survivors.

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