Captain Millard Dee Orem

Story By George West Fisher('88)
Bryan S. Hintz('81)
Bucky Heard('83)
Dale Brown('85)
Paul Tate (LWMA Faculty 1965-1983)
Brian V. Brunner('64)

Jul-12-1999 8:45 pm

I'm one of those that got sent to LMWA for disciplinary reasons. The military training was great for me and I don't take that lightly, but if it were not for Capt. Dee Orem I don't know where I would be today. Trust me, he had to be an amazing teacher to reach me.

All of my teachers were great, but it Capt. Orem that I owe most....

By the way, for anyone who had his American Government class...

"Describe the American System of Government."

West Fisher('88) (GWFISHER)

Jul-13-1999 4:59 pm

I agree with Mr. West Fisher. Millard Dee Orem was a great influence in my life. Because of his classes I developed the study techniques I use today. I had him for Biology and World History and managed to pass his courses with "A's". Anybody who has had Capt. Orem's classes KNOW that is not easy to do.

The funny part for myself is that I FEARED the man since day two. I had signed up for 7th and 8th grade football and that day (Two) we had our first practice. You see in those early days at LWMA I weighed 210lbs. The football trousers I had been issued were too tight but still fell down when I ran. Capt. Wilburn (coach) had told us to start laps. So when I started to running around the parade field, the pants fell down. Funny sight yes but I kept stopping to pull them up which meant I was not running and that displeased Capt. Orem. He chewed me out royal. Being the belligerent fig that I was, I coped an attitude and got vocal right back. Needless to say I was sent back to the barracks and the next day Capt. Wilburn told me I could stay on the team but would never get to play. So I quit.

I spent the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades counting my lucky stars that I would not have him till later. But then my 10th grade year came about. I knew once I had the man I would have to study hard because I just knew that he was out to fail me. when the first test came about, I passed it with an "A". It was at that time I notice that all of everything I expected from him to me was not bad in the least. I expected him to live up to the rumor mill. Frankly we developed a great rapport and at every chance I got I taped his intellect for information. And, Oh, does he have a range: Science, History, Athletics, and that is just what I know. I heard some real horrific rumors about how mean he could be, but then I actually had the man for a teacher.

Bryan S. Hintz('81) (HINTZ)

To: West Fisher('88) (GWFISHER)
Aug-2-1999 3:07 am

Man!!!! I had Orem for Biology as well...does this sound familiar...?

"What is life?"

He is one of the best teachers I ever had and he challenged me every day...

Thanks Capt. Orem!!

Bucky Heard('83) (HEARDS)

Brian V. Brunner('64) (BVBRUNNER)

Sep 21, 1999 12:25 am
Subject: Orem (Oreo)


I try not to think about him. I do have funny story though here. I remember that (in my opinion) that man hated me. I was failing his class and seemed nothing I did could I pass. I kept telling my parents that this man just did not like me and I kept getting the same old thing "sure you just aren't trying" response. So I made a bet with my mom, basically there was only one way for me to pass his course and that was to ace the final term paper (his words). So I bet my mom that if she did the paper she would fail. She took that bet and she worked hard for weeks on it. One day I received a box with all the books she had used the paper all done nice and it was good. I turned it in and got to call her back a few days later to gloat she had failed. Needless to say she wasn't very happy and understood me then. Sorry Orem. I was always more of a computer geek instead of a history nut anyway. Also remember something about his truck getting really dinked with at Senior Roll.. I think he always took the brunt of the "out reaching" from his students.


From: Dale Brown ('85) (DALEBROWN)
LAN Operations Manager
CIGNA Health Care (Southern Region)
Dallas, TX

To: Dale Brown ('85) (DALEBROWN)
Date: Sep 21, 1999 6:53 pm

Dale: ...

I disagree with your assessment of Captain Orem, however. He certainly was, and still is, one of the most intelligent, dedicated, and committed teachers who ever came to Lyman Ward. No one ever seemed to understand his grading system, however. Rather, very few of us did ...

From:Paul Tate (PAULTATE)(LWMA Faculty 1965-1983)

To: Dale Brown ('85) (DALEBROWN)
Date: Sep-23-1999 10:53 am

Capt. Orem pulled no punches. The Material came from the books that were issued from the school and other reference material came from the lib. The man made you learn. It was just not show up, listen to him banter and learn just enough material to pass the test. A person in his class had to learn the whole picture not just select material to pass a test and slid on. Millard D. may have seemed to some as a harsh person and at one time during my time I thought that also. I and the man for both world history and biology. I have always been a history buff but it was because of Orem that I developed a basic knowledge in bio. Heck because of him I probably know more about basic bio than most College sophomores. (haven't made it too college yet, had to work for a living.) When I was at LW, I heard the woes of Orem and I even bought into that notion. That was until I had the man. And with all the Hype that is Orem, I feared the man. In the 10th grade I dreaded taking the man. But I had one good thing going for me, I could think for myself and was determined to pass his classes. I studied my as off-that is all he wanted-. I passed his courses with A's. No Capt. Orem is more rumor and hype than anything. What it boils down to is the man makes you study and don't give you no gimmies. Can't go into his classes lazy, you will fail. I did real well considering I told the man (and pardon my french) to BLANK* himself in the 7th grade. Hmmmm did I fail? NO!

From:Bryan Hintz('81) (HINTZ)

To: Bryan Hintz('81) (HINTZ)
Date: Sep 23, 1999 12:23 pm

Anyway, Bryan thanks again for giving us all the good text, and the time it took to enter it! From what I've seen posted here, overall, Capt. Orem must be a fine teacher, and I'm glad he's still at LWMA.

Brian V. Brunner('64) (BVBRUNNER)

*Compiled and Edited from messages on the Message Board By Brian V. Brunner('64)

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