Teachers and Coaches
1981 - 1983

Story By Thomas G. Vanderford('83)

By far, my favorite teacher at LWMA was Major Paul Tate. He was one of the best teachers I have had in either High School or college. He was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, here it goes... Besides Major Tate, I had Capt. Woodward for Geometry. He was a cure for insomnia...a good teacher, but no Paul Tate.

There was Capt. Millard Dee Orem, who I still think may need professional help. Orem was an outstanding teacher, just a little on the strange side. I had Capt. Billy Myers for Accounting. He stayed at LWMA for only that one school year(81-82). He was a certified trip. We used to sneak off campus and go to his house. He and his wife were flower children...just a generation too late!!! I would really love to contact that guy!!!

My LD1 instructor was MSGT. Oliver. He was as gung ho as anyone I ever met. I got the LD1 award, and the "Daughters of the Founders of America Medal" (best first year cadet) because of him and CWO Hubbard. CWO Hubbard was my Tac Officer. He was a great leader who helped me with my homesickness. My Mother had been brutally murdered a year earlier, and my Father was a heart patient. That is why I didn't finish at LWMA.

A lot of kids were sent to LWMA for disciplinary reasons. I went because I wanted to be an Officer in the Navy.

My football coaches were Capt. Hudson, Capt. James C. "Crack" Sizemore('76), and Doc Cawley. Doc was the most intimidating coach out of all of them. He would take you on in a blocking drill with no protection!!! By the way, he would plant you in the dirt as well!!!

Thomas G. Vanderford - tvanderford@avsia.com

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