Favorite Teachers (My Take)

Story By Dale Brown('85)

I remember a few of them and here are some of the things I recall:

  Bobbi Herring (Counselor):

Man she was nice to all of us. I just loved talking to her. She could lighten up your day if you were feeling kinda down.

  Donna Gullate: Tough but fair.

  Orem (Oreo):

I try not to think about him. I do have funny story though here. I remember that (in my opinion) that man hated me. I was failing his class and seemed nothing I did could I pass. I kept telling my parents that this man just did not like me and I kept getting the same old thing "sure you just aren't trying" response. So I made a bet with my mom, basically there was only one way for me to pass his course and that was to ace the final term paper (his words). So I bet my mom that if she did the paper she would fail. She took that bet and she worked hard for weeks on it. One day I received a box with all the books she had used the paper all done nice and it was good. I turned it in and got to call her back a few days later to gloat she had failed. Needless to say she wasn't very happy and understood me then. Sorry Orem. I was always more of a computer geek instead of a history nut anyway. Also remember something about his truck getting really dinked with at Senior Roll.. I think he always took the brunt of the "out reaching" from his students.

  Computer Teacher (I think was Cassady then):

Sorry for always playing pranks on you by writing programs to keep you out of our disk. She used to look at our work on our disk at night after class and we were always writing some little program in GW Basic to keep her out. She would get mad and tell us to remove them and she would give us extra credit but would fail us if she could not access our work. hahaha funny I should have seen my future right then.

  Virginia Heath: Hubba Hubba I was in love with her.

  Now to the TAC guys -------------------------

  MSGT (At the time) Ed Guerra:

He was a character in his own way. Probably still is today I am sure. I most respected him for his fairness to us and he was a great influence on me. I even joined the AF because of him a few years later and went for the same job he had as an Aircraft Loadmaster (part of the flight crew) on C-141B planes. Man what a job that was for an enlisted guy in the service to have. Thanks Ed.

  SFC Oscar Boyles:

A man who took me under his wing and saw what others did not. He saw that I had talents and wasn't just your every day hoodilum. He inspired me to work on the talents that I had and to capture them instead of being what every body else wanted me to be. Without his confidence building and nudging I don't think I could have done the things I have done to date. Like working for General Electric as a Senior Lead Systems Engineer (without a college degree at that) without him helping me to understand who I was and how to use it. For that I will always be in his debt.

  MSG Cleo Melton:

Who did think I was a hoodilum.. :-) I do thank you for being tough on me I am sure that I needed it.

Dale Brown
LAN Operations Manager
CIGNA Health Care (Southern Region)
Dallas, TX
Sep-21-1999 12:25 am

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