Chapter I
Background Information about the 1959-1960 School Year
by Brian V. Brunner('64)

You will note that chapters II, III and IV all occurred in the 1959-60 school year. To really enjoy those chapters you need to read this one.

This was Col. Wesley P. Smith's first year as president (he was a Major back then!), and Gen. T. L. Futch's first year as Commandant. Col. Smith ran the school and Gen. Futch ran our lives. And they turned this school around in a very short time. A future chapter will explain more.

Notes about the buildings and campus of 1959-60: The buildings were: The house by the front gate. I never knew it had a name until 33 years later. This is the house attached to the new Infirmary. Then up on the hill, starting from East to West, Tallapoosa Hall, Ross Hall (was the dining hall on the ground floor and Infirmary on the top floor. (Mrs. Patterson, the school dietitian lived up there too. She kept an eye on us when we were sick and saw us at sick call. The only problem was she was not a nurse, but she did her best to take care of us.) Next was Supply (in the past this building had been known as the Lincoln Science classroom building and later Shop classroom building), Allen House, Old Brick (Goodwill Hall, later named Russell Hall or just called "the CQ Building " ), a large open space where Alabama Hall once stood, Friendly Hall (later named Kirkland Hall) (CWO Yancey and his wife lived in the house in the middle of Friendly Hall. Mr. Yancey was our Supply Officer and Mrs. Yancey ran the Canteen.), and New Brick (later named Ward Hall then Howell Hall). The Haunted House/Dr. Ward's House, located where the Dixon Chapel is now, had been torn down the summer before. There were no buildings behind the back road except for a small repair shop/tool shed located about where the new mess hall is now. New Brick and Friendly Hall were the only buildings that were used as dormitories that school year. Allen House was the Pool Room (one table), Canteen (no hot food, snacks only) and Barber Shop. Old Brick's and Allen House's dorm rooms on the top two floors were in bad shape and only used for storage. Old Brick had a tin roof that had been put on the building as temporary fix sometime in the past. The ground floor housed the Commandant's Office, CQ Office and the Day Room (With the only Black & White TV on campus.) Old Brick was remodeled in the summer of 1960 to become Russell Hall. The ground floor remained offices and Day Room and the upper floors became dorm rooms once more. Russell Hall was torn down in 1985 to make way for the new HQ building. Not bad for a building that was built in 1909 by the students!
The new football field (behind the back road) had been cleared, but all we did that year was pick up rocks from the surface on work details. Any former cadet from this era will tell you the rocks kept growing back there no matter how many times we picked them up! We played football on the drill field until the fall of 1963. We used the swimming pool and tennis courts across the road from the west entrance.

For more information on the buildings in this story see the History - Building List at this WEB Site.

Notes about the Cadet Corps: That year the school taught 7th though 12th grade. That year we only had one Company! Friendly Hall was the First Platoon and New Brick was the Second Platoon. The cadet officers were Capt. Cecil Harris('60), Company Commander, 1st Lt. Dorris Payne('60), HE, was the First Platoon Leader, 1st Lt. William N. Kritzky('60), Second Platoon Leader, and 2nd Lt. Reinaldo Carrasquillo('60), Adjutant. The NCO's were one First Sergeant, Charlie Oldham('61), one QM/Sgt(Supply Sgt), two M/Sgts(Platoon Sgts), some S/Sgts(Squad Leaders) and some Cpls(Assistant Squad Leaders). I can't list all the NCO's by name, they got busted too many times to remember who was what. We had only four squads, two per platoon with about 15 cadets per squad. Each squad had to do "KP"(Table waiter duty) for a week. So we had to pull KP duty every fourth week. There were only about seventy cadets in the whole school. By the end of the year I think we were down to about fifty! We had only seven Seniors, no Color Guard and no band except for Ronnie Ware who played a single parade drum sometimes. We did have a Crack Drill platoon, but the school did not have any rifles!

Notes about OD and CQ: We did not have a cadet OD (Officer of the Day). There were just not enough officers to go around. They would have had to pull OD duty every fourth day! We had enough NCO's for CQ (Charge of Quarters). The CQ had an assistant, a Private or a PFC, called an Orderly to do any running around the CQ needed.

The point I'm trying to make is we were a small school.

Keep reading. Now we get to the Tallapoosa Hall part.

Tallapoosa Hall image printed in 1964

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