Chapter II
Supervised Study Hall 1959
by Brian V. Brunner('64)
With assistance from Robert L. Rozelle('64)

Late Fall 1959:
When I first arrived at LWMA in the eighth grade I didn't know how to study well enough to keep my grades up in the passing range. The school's remedy for this was Supervised Study Hall, and I believe something like that is still in effect. To make up for my bad grades I had to go somewhere with other outcasts during evening study hall and be made to study while a teacher looked on. Back in the 1959-60 school year we had evening study hall from 1900(7:00pm) to 2100(9:00pm). The room we all had to go to was the Tallapoosa Hall Library. This room is now the History room and Alumni Association office museum.
About 2045(8:45pm) we were nearing the end of study hall, when we heard some loud noises coming from the upstairs. It seemed to be coming from one of the classrooms, and sounded like more than one person was moving a lot of desks around. We all looked at each other and then ran out of the library and up the stairs as fast as we could. When we got upstairs we found nothing. No desks were moved in any of the classrooms and no chairs in the auditorium were out of place. (The old auditorium area is now classrooms on the front of the building across from the stairs.). That was strange!
By this time Tattoo had sounded(2100) ending study hall, so the teacher dismissed us. The ranking cadet sent Bob Rozelle('64) down the hall to turn off the light in the upstairs latrine(bathroom)*. When he got in there we turned off all the lights and ran downstairs and outside leaving him and the ghost alone in the building. The upstairs latrine is just about as far from the front door as any room in Tallapoosa Hall. (If you are new to LWMA, this room is now a narrow classroom. It is only wide enough for one table, and located upstairs over the latrine on the first floor.) We were trying to scare Rozelle. (Bob said that someone turned off the restroom light too! Then he ran into the restroom door trying to get out!) By the time he caught up with us we were past Ross Hall, almost in front of Supply . As we turned around to see if Rozelle had caught up with us, Roy Bailey('64) yelled, "Look!". He was pointing at the upstairs latrine window. The light was on, and someone was standing there in the window and he seemed to fill up the whole window! Well, that did it! We were all scared now! So as we used to say, we became "little gray streaks of light" and ran all the way past Allen House and Old Brick to Friendly Hall and New Brick as fast as we could. We never knew who or what that was that night. I still don't know, and I don't want to know!

Tallapoosa Hall image printed in 1964

* If you look at one of the above image of Tallapoosa Hall you can see the upstairs latrine window. It is located on the second floor under the last gable on the left. As I said, "About as far from the front door as any room in the building"!

(Note: Since I wrote this story in 1998 the Alumni Association office and museum have moved out of the old library in Tallapoosa Hall. Before this room was the library it had been Dr. Lyman Ward's office. Right now it is a study hall. In case it changes again soon I'll give you its location. As you look at Tallapoosa Hall from the front it is the room with triple windows to your left as you come up to the front door from the sidewalk. When you enter the front door and turn left into the main classroom wing it is the first room on your left. - 03/24/2001 - BVB)

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