Chapter III
Don't Worry About the Light, Lookout for the Door!
by Brian V. Brunner('64)

Winter 1960:

This was my first day to pull Orderly duty. After Taps that night the CQ sent me up to check the lights in Tallapoosa Hall. Tallapoosa Hall was not locked at night in those days, just some of the rooms were. The first thing I noticed was the upstairs bathroom light was not on. I think this was the only time in my four years at LWMA that light was off when I had to be the Orderly, CQ, or OD. I did see a light on though, it was in the Dean's bathroom. This bathroom is in a little hall between the old Library and the old Dean's office. This light shown out to the side of the bathroom and down the front of Tallapoosa Hall. You could not even see it from the CQ area at all. But, I thought I would try to turn it off if I could get to it. I went in the building and turned on all the first floor hall lights. Then I went down the hall to the Dean's office to see if I could get in that way, but the door was locked. I then went back to the library door to try it. Just as my hand was about to touch the doorknob, I heard a squeaky door opening somewhere behind me. I did a "Rear March" in place and turned around without ever touching the library doorknob! I could see the outside door down under the steps was opening by itself! Back then the top half of this door had a large window in it, just like the front doors.(See the photo at the bottom of this page.) I could not see anybody on either side of that door! All I remember after that is hitting the light switches with my right hand as I ran around the corner and out the front door as fast as I could go. I became the famous "little gray streak light" in front of Ross Hall as I ran all the way back to the CQ office. I reported that all the lights were out and headed for my room in Friendly Hall.

"Good-Night, whatever you are!"

Of course now I think that someone was hiding down behind the solid part of that door trying to scare me. If that is so, they did a good job! I like to think it was the ghost of Lyman Ward because it sounds better that way.

(Note: None of the rooms in Tallapoosa Hall now are used for the same purpose as they were in 1959, so I'll try to tell you where they were by the doors in the hall now.

1. The Library, is the first room on the left as you enter the downstairs hall after you walk into the building.
2. The back outside door is right across the hall and down the steps a little way.
3. The Dean's office door is on the left past the old library door and past the door that goes to the classroom in the basement that was the science lab before 1992.

- 03/24/2001 - BVB)

Old Library Door (Below)
This door had no window in 1959.

Old Library Door

Door leading outside (Right)
This door had a glass top in 1959.
Note: window to left
and front doors in picture below.
(These photos taken Sept. 2001.)

outside door

Photo of Tallapoosa Hall(1985)
Tallpoosa Hall - 1988

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