Chapter VI
Does THE Light Come Back On by Itself?
by Brian V. Brunner('64)

Late Spring 1964:

I had returned to LWMA in my sophomore year after being made to go to Mount Berry School for Boys in Rome, GA as a freshman. At that time I really wanted to be at LWMA, and nothing was going to scare me away. I became accustomed to whatever it was in Tallapoosa Hall and knew it would not harm anyone.

I was now a Senior and a Cadet Captain.(Yes, it can be done!) I had been a Company Commander('B' and later 'A' Company), Acting Battalion Commander, and now I was the Battalion Executive Officer(XO). My room was on the top floor of Russell Hall. I had the room on the front East end. When I wanted to go outside, all I had to do was go out of my room turn right, open the outside door, and I was standing on the top level of the fire escape facing the roof of Allen House. If the upstairs bathroom light in Tallapoosa Hall was on, you could see it from this location.

That night I had OD Duty(maybe for the last time), and I had to turn that light off again as usual. After I turned off all the lights and took the bed check report, I headed for my room. I needed to write some letters(Yes, after Taps, it was a bad habit I had.) so I took a chair out on the fire escape to use the outside light above the door. This was a Friday or Saturday night so Taps was at 10:30 p.m., and I was out there for a while. Around midnight I was just sitting there thinking what to write down next, when THE light came back on!

I bet you think I went up there to see what it was? Well, you're wrong. I did not want to know the truth that badly! I was going to graduate soon, so I thought I'd leave it to some underclassman to find out.

"Good-Bye, whatever you are!"

Tallapoosa Hall image printed in 1964


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