Stories and Thoughts

(an open note to Derron Owens)


Lewis D. Harrison ('63)

From: Lewis Harrison '63
To: Derron Owens '61
Date: 03/09/2001


One of the wonderful things about being able to write stories and put them on the site is that they are the way you member them. A lot of that has nothing to do with the way things really were. A wonderful example of that is when Brian wrote "Let's Scare Lewis Harrison." They are all an interpretation of our memories. And there have been times in my life that my memories were all I had. The light in the latrine on the second floor, the rope in the tower and everything else that moved and went bump in the night in Tallaposa Hall, probably had nothing to do with ghosts, but they are not wonderful. I lived at the school for 6 years and have forgotten the bad and hard times and remember only the good things.

The way I remember the boats is that Alex was the only one, but look at all the afternoons, evenings, Saturdays and Sundays that we all spent building them. Those were the good times and what would we give to go back to that time again??

I am looking forward to seeing and reading your story about Alex's boat. It is fun to see how others looked at the same thing. Lots of cadets thought it was terrible that I had no parents and had to work to stay at LWMA, but they were the good times for me.

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