LWMA's First Official Radio Station(?!?)

- or -

Is On The Air!

by Stephen M. Wyatt('86)

Does anyone remember this?!?:

    In late 1985, Brandt Bridges('86) Jeff Monette('87), and I rigged up a "Mr.Microphone" to Brandt's stereo. We also attached Jeff's amp to our setup, so we could broadcast further than B-Company's hallway.

    Although our "playlist" left something to be desired by the majority (we mostly played heavy metal), we had quite a few "groupies" join us in our "studio" (Brandt's room) for all-day-weekend jam sessions. There were even some live performances of Brandt and Jeff's band, "Ghandi-X" [F.Y.I. - The name "Ghandi-X" was taken from the mixture of the philosophies of Ghandi and Malcolm-X, I guess as Brandt and Jeff were into the "Passive resistance, by any means necessary"-phase of their youth.]

    Was this the first official LWMA radio station? We don't know, but it was fun while it lasted... ...until CPT. [Sgt. then] Guerra stormed into the room one late Saturday night after he heard all the commotion, and banned us from the airways [O.K., ok, we were REALLY loud, abusive, and obnoxious]. ;)

    I hope some of you can remember our little venture, and maybe it will bring a smile to your face. By the way, doesn't Ed look as old as ... ... (dirt) ... now [hehehe]?!? Just kidding... ...after all, if he wasn't there to kick my tail just a little bit, I would not be as successful as I am today. Many regards to each of you, and I hope to get around to coming back one day... ...tell Ed his "red-headed step-child" misses 'em.

Take care,

new golf shirt

CPT Ed Guerra displays the Bill Blass LWMA Alumni Golf Shirt. 5/1/199

Update: 10/25/99

CPT Ed Guerra is no longer with LWMA.

Complied and Edited by Brian V. Brunner('64)

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