School Life in 1942 - 1943*

The following excerpts are from a pamphlet printed by the Southern Print Shop for the school year beginning September 15, 1942 and continuing to May 24, 1943. The title of the pamphlet is


   PURPOSE - The first essential in the broad educational process is the cultivation in the intellectual and spiritual life. But the whole youth must be made to grow if the he is to prove equal to the task of a citizen in a free life.

This means that education in America must concern itself with the wise ordering of the ways of the body as well as with the ways of the spirit and the mind.

The forces that strengthen morale involve self-discipline and a sense of responsibility. They involve the display of courage under adversity. They require the subordination of interests of the individual to the welfare of the group. The Southern hopes to apply the principle of embodying the ways of life in a concrete problem, a practical task, and a constructive effort whether it be in the classroom or shop.

Youth learn much better when their lessons are made concrete rather than abstract. In law, medicine, and other professions the "Case" methods of teaching have been found most effective.

Higher education, both physical and mental, should be regarded as an essential part of the upbringing of all youth. It is not so much a matter of knowledge - though knowledge is an essential part - as it is a matter of habits and skills. Physical health and recreation is a recognized aim of the Southern.

Leaders with physical stamina and self-disciplined habits of thought and action will be vitally needed in the dangerous days that lie ahead.

    Our buildings, all steam heated, consist of:

  • Tallapoosa Hall - administration, Junior and Senior High School;
  • Ross Hall - Home Economics, Kitchen and dinning room;
  • Allen Memorial House - girls' dormitory;
  • Alabama Hall - older boys' dormitory;
  • Goodwill Hall - younger boys' dormitory;
  • Lincoln Building - carpentering, wood working, painting, plumbing, electricity, and blacksmith shop.
  • Drummond Print Shop;
  • Crescent Knoll and Marlo Cottages;
  • Dairy and horse barns; pig and poultry houses; and other buildings.

A deep well furnishes an ample supply water supply. All buildings are supplied with running water and with electricity.

Lake Mary, located in the 250 acres of fine hardwood and softwood forest, is supplied by fresh water springs. There are cement-asphalt tennis courts; baseball and football fields; outdoor and indoor basketball and volleyball courts.

There is a splendid outlook from all parts of the campus. The location insures cool nights and drainage after rains.

      - STAFF -
  • J. Brackin Kirkland, B.S.,M.S.,
    Executive Vice-President
  • Miss Seraph G. Blasdell,
    English and Math
  • Mrs. Anna E. Foote, M.A.,
    Visiting Lecturer
  • Mrs. Irma Grabbett, Music
  • Mrs. Sadie K. Hernandez, B.S.,
    Junior High and Field Representative
  • Mrs. Laura E. Hightower, Junior High
  • Pat Landrum, Plumbing and Electricity
  • Otis C. Merritt,
    Carpentering and Woodworking
  • Mrs. Beatrice Ramette, A.B.,
    Home Economics
  • Miss Fancy Mae Reynolds, B.S.,
    Science and Languages
  • Miss M. Jane Ross, A.B.,
    Commercial Department
  • Mrs. Annie Smith,, Junior High
  • Mrs. Simeon G. Smith
    Substitute Worker
  • Simeon G. Smith
    Farm Superintendent

  • Lyman Ward, President, Camp Hill
  • J. Barckin Kirkland,
    Executive Vice-President,Camp Hill
  • S. V. Henderson, Secretary, Camp Hill
  • J. A. Kernodle, Treasurer, Camp Hill
  • Maxie F. Boyette, Birmingham
  • Mrs. Mabel Cadenhead Farrar, Phenix City
  • O. E. Farris, Birmingham
  • O. W. Hammond, Atlanta, Georgia
  • W. J. Hicks, Camp Hill
  • O. V. Hill, Talladega
  • Hon. D. W. Jackson, LaFayette
  • Hon. J. L. Killian, Opelika
  • Dr. W. Theodore Langley, Sanford, Florida
  • S. G. Smith, Camp Hill
  • Almon Strain, Elba

*From the January 1992 issue of the "Sentinel"
The L. W. M. A. School Newspaper
Lyman Ward Military Academy
Camp Hill, Alabama

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